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  1. Megalomaniac

    General Military Bronies

    Not trying to rustle your jimmies, dawg. Sorry I sounded rude. But honestly, war isn't truly a good thing and I'm happy I didn't join the military. I had ended with PTSD or something else anyway. Maybe I took the cowardest the decision in the end, but I prefer being a coward.
  2. Megalomaniac

    What is wrong with you?

    A broken finger. When I attempted to become black belt I had an accident and one of my feet got rekted pretty hard. I can normally walk and run, but I still notice a "clack" sensation at times and the finger moves because it was luxated. Also a scar in my chest, and I almost got my nose broken once because I got kicked in the face during a ju kumite in class. Oh, and I also a fucking autist rofl. I have autism, like, literally (diagnosed Asperger). It's OK because I love books and it makes be being le smart and edgy, but the part of being socially retarded is just bad. I simply don't know how to interact with people at all and sometimes I don't truly understand what is "right" or "wrong" morally speaking. I appreciate the IQ boost, but the problem is that the self-diagnosed ones give us a very cringy image and thanks to them people don't even believe us when we say we have Asperger on the Internet. Now I take it with humor, but on a seroius note, Asperger makes you suffer a lot. The problem is that I don't know how to be "normal". Sometimes I wish I was a normie again.
  3. Megalomaniac

    Things you hate that everyone seems to love?

    Oh, and modern music. Kids these days have an awful taste to be honest. Same with movies.
  4. Back to the 90's because at least they had decent video games.
  5. Megalomaniac

    General Military Bronies

    I almost joined the Army once. Almost. Fortunately I thought twice what I was doing and now I'm a happy NEET with a pretty comfortable life. I'd rather post on a pony forum from mom's basement than dying in Shitfuckistan to make other people richer as they sell even more weapons and whatnot, it's not even patriotic or even smart anymore. I could care less they bomb a bunch of poor countries I never heard about.
  6. Actually some DLC is pretty decent tho. Dishonored has decent DLC. I dislike ghey online achievements. I dislike playing online becuse I'm an extremely antisocial person, I practically hate most people I know. One of the things I liked the most about Nitroplus Blasterz was the complete lack of online achievements.
  7. Megalomaniac

    Gaming What is the most recent video game you beat?

    I'm trying Koihime Enbu, but I still have tons of achievements to unlock, so I didn't end it yet.
  8. Nah, I don't think so. He's just friendzoned.
  9. Never. I'm greedy. I wish I had more actually.
  10. I traveled a lot in 2016. -France. -Monaco. -Italy. -San Marino. -Greece. -Germany. -Austria. I like Interrail. How about you?
  11. Megalomaniac

    Gaming What is your favorite Sonic game

    None. I don't like Sonic anymore. It makes me cringe.
  12. No. I'm a very cynical individual anyway.
  13. Megalomaniac

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I've been thinking that exactly one year ago I registrered an account on this forum. I don't know how I should feel about it tho.
  14. Megalomaniac

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    She's an OK character. Arrogance is maybe her only defect because if she hadn't any defects she would be a Mary Sue, but she's always doing useful stuff for the group instead of being completely useless.
  15. Megalomaniac

    General How Would You Rate Your 2016 Year?

    Spot on, brother. We won big. As someone mixed with both British and Spanish ancestry I celebrate both Brexit and the fact that the far-left got absolutely and massively BTFO'ed in Spain even if the English-speaking press barely commented this. We had a minor setback in Austria, but I think we can already say goodbye to the repulsive good-for-nothing EURSS no one likes. I preferred to use Pounds when I lived in England, the Euro is trash. I can still feel their butthurt from miles away. Beautiful. 2016 was pretty great to me. I start a philology in 2017 and I think I'll enjoy a lot becoming a College student. I'm also excited about trying Boxing for the first time as Hajime no Ippo fan, even though it worries me getting punched in the jaw since I recently had oral surgery.