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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. The fandom does not need BronyCon to function. Other conventions will likely rise up to take its place in the future
  4. Of course it's girly, it's about cutesy ponies and princesses for goodness sake. The thing is girly/feminine does not equal poor quality. It's just a matter of personal taste. To its credit, I appreciate how the show actually presents a variety of role models ranging from quite masculine (Rainbow and AJ) to feminine (Rarity, Fluttershy) for its young female target audience (and indeed anyone else watching) to aspire to
  5. Got into watching old episodes from season 3 over the course of 2015 and series 5 was the first I watched as it came out at the time
  6. Whether a series can continue without going stale/repetitive etc. is something you can only decide on a case-by-case basis, depending on the premise of the show, the particular writing staff involved and so on. Sometimes what is needed is a rest period where there is a ten year or something gap between seasons. Right now that is the minimum that would be needed for Friendship is Magic to continue successfully. While the quality is actually still decent, there is this sense that the franchise is going round in circles at this point, retreading old ground to the point where it has become almost a parody of itself. Take the all the meta jokes about the friendship speeches and musical numbers in Forgotten Friendship for example. While they were funny, it's also a sign that the writers are desperately struggling to find new ways of spinning this material that is refreshing.
  7. Will be doing whatever I can to get to BronyCon next year. I'm hoping that with it potentially being the last one, lots of people will be there and I'll be able to meet friends I've met through the internet
  8. For some reason many have always acted like being a brony is some kind of a big deal one way or another, when it isn't, or at least it shouldn't be. You like a kids TV show. It's as simple as that. Get over it.
  9. A new electronic music composition, inspired by the episode To Where and Back Again and created as a tribute for Chrysalis. Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave feedback etc. Thanks
  10. That sounds so chilled, I like it. It went in an unexpected direction at 2:23 though, that kind of caught me by surprise. The visual effect compliments it well
  11. I don't hate G3, I mean let's face it, most of that hatred comes out of sheer in security about watching a kids show to begin with. But I will say it is boring, and there is a reason for that. Yes G3 may have been more paradisaical than G4, but if we're talking about a value judgement of quality, G4 is better no question. In any case good utopian fiction, which is what Friendship is Magic is, doesn't need to be about a perfect world. There can be room for development, challenges to overcome. It is how they are dealt with which makes the difference. Perhaps there is a demon wanting to bring doom and darkness to the pastel ponies' land, but do they succeed? Of course not. They are won over by the power of friendship and all is well!
  12. Well I know quite a bit about music theory so I get what you mean. It uses E - C# a lot but there is also a B - G# in there I think which is another variation of the I - vi pattern. Those were kind of stylistic choices I made but you raise some valid points and I'll certainly take it onboard. Thanks for the offer, I'm probably not looking for a coach as such but I may come to you for further advice/ideas in future if you don't mind
  13. I'm sure that would be useful, but only if you wish and don't mind taking the time