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  1. This is a 3D poster based of the story of Snowdrop the OC created by Silly filly studios. Looking for opinions as well as anything else you want to say
  2. This is my SFM poster of the first four villains against there good counterparts. well at least my version of what i think there counter part is. Just looking for an opinion but feel free to say whatever you feel like
  3. This is my third SFM poster staring every pony's' favorite pony Luna fighting her dark side for control of Equestria. As always looking for opinions and whatever else you want to say.
  4. This is a SFM Poster of the three Nightmares of MLP. Nightmare rarity from the comics, Nightmare moon from the show and Nightmare star from the card game. Looking for opinons as well as anything you want to say
  5. This is my first 3D image made out of SFM and After effects.The Picture is of Nightmare star from them Mlp Card Game. Looking for Opinions as well as anything you want to say about it
  6. Welcome to MLP Forums ForsakenKnightmare. I hope you have a great time here /)