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  1. Hey Ray, haven't seen you for awhile =)

  2. Second the first two, but I do know some (but not all) of Undertale's story. I don't care for anime, but I have an anime figurine from a game/movie series that I have not completed a single entry of. I was afraid of Demon's Souls when I first got it and never once played it before trading it back in.
  3. I haven't even played 34% of my Steam library, and only 24% of my library is currently installed. As for an original admission... I haven't finished season 5! And um... I have not seen approximately 80% of the movies any of you could name right now.
  4. These are nice! You have a good style here.
  5. Welcome, shyjacob! Nice to meet you! If you're looking for friends to talk about ponies with, you're in the right place! This is a wonderful community.
  6. Just borrowed my friend's MIDI keyboard! I'll share any amazing musics I come up with.

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    2. Rayne Mercury

      Rayne Mercury

      Oh, you! *hugs*

    3. AlphaPegasister


      Join the music share party :D

    4. Rayne Mercury

      Rayne Mercury

      Ooh, where's that? I already put some stuff on Pony.fm.

  7. I might be able to do something! Are you thinking of, like, a local band, or something where we can collaborate from afar and put music together? I can probably sing, with some practice. Other than that I'm usually trying to put together remixes. Mostly pony songs mixed with video game songs. Only problem is I don't have a lot of time on my hands. But if I can contribute in some way, I'd love to!
  8. Welcome! Love the pegasis gif. Those wings are crazy fast!!

    1. Rayne Mercury

      Rayne Mercury

      Thank you! Ha ha, yeah. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw it!

  9. Hey! Welcome to the forums! *huggles* ^w^

  10. Hey Rayne how are ye mate? :)

    1. Rayne Mercury

      Rayne Mercury

      Doing well, thanks! About to head to bed though. How are you?

    2. RyaN_


      ATM making props for my friend's cosplay. It's more of my christmas present to her... Hold on I'll send a photo, you can see it once you wake up XD

  11. Awesome! I have the same problem regarding motivation to make things myself and even learning languages. My resolution, and really the first one I've ever made, is to start working toward those goals and build a foundation for my independent future. You can do it!
  12. Hi, can't believe I missed this post! Welcome, friend!
  13. You're all diamonds. I love you all! <3

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    2. Rayne Mercury

      Rayne Mercury

      Stay strong, like the diamond you are!

    3. RyaN_


      Love you too Rayne! (In a brotherly or friends way..Oh, you get the point!) XD

    4. Rayne Mercury
  14. It's been great! Making lots of new friends and really enjoying it. Hi there, Josiah! I'll be your friend! Nice to meet you!