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  1. Ironically it's: Whose Line Is It Anyway Favorite Holiday?
  2. Did you know @Lord Valtasar is cursed to do the splits and jazz hands, every time the word "Magic" is said
  3. You only find the left?! Well that can't be right Doc, I think I have a stalker!
  4. Replace them. Memes are your new family. Doc, I think I'm indecisive, I think I might need help
  6. Make a circle of salt around you, it wont be able to cross it. Doc, there's a big party coming up soon, but I don't know how to dance. Help?
  7. Did you know that @TBD once woke up, alone in a corn field without any memory as to why they were there?
  8. No. I've only been once. I've only been once. I've only been once. TPAM has seen Shrek 4
  9. 9/10!! Really loved it!
  10. Yep, I've never been TPAM watches Brooklyn 99?
  11. @Artimis Whooves Is one of the few people who can sing, WITH their eyes closed!!
  12. I'm not usually able to lay, so I'd say sit. Speaking of sitting, do you have good posture? (Edit: Same)
  13. I think possibly noon, just because I still have time to do things, yet it's not morning. What's the name of the book currently closest to you?
  14. Did you know @TBD is Is IS Everything alright, I'm perfectly safe, TBD definitely isn't in my house with a gun to my back preventing me from finishing this post.
  15. You're supposed to leave a problem Hmmm, well, now you've gotta see if all the guys have developed feelings for you. You can test their feelings by, challenging all of them at once, to a duel. Because nothing ever goes wrong in duels. I'm absolutely sure everything will turn out completely fine. Doc, I dropped my croissant!
  16. @Kronos the Revenant can recite the Shia Labeouf "Just Do It" speech, backwards, from memory!
  17. From behind, she'll never even see you approaching, UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE Doc, I'm feeling quite blue today, what should I do?
  18. Did you know @Matraxial Artemis wrote a Boss Baby/Emoji Movie crossover fanfic that so far is 10 pages long.
  19. Well, uh have you tried using it as toothpaste yet? Listen to her, she knows what she's talking about! Doc, I think I chipped my tooth, but I'm too poor to go to a dentist and get it fixed
  20. You should be. Doc, I desperately need money but I don't have a job or anything, what should I do?
  21. BLUE Do you have a favorite game show, and what is it?
  22. (I 'm freakingd i̵̲'̛m̦̪ ̩̞̟̣ͅl҉̪̩̘̮o͓͚͚͔̤̝s̙í͓̫̥͔͓͚͓ng͍̝ ̰̣i̝͈͓̲̹͘t̬) YEAH Here we go
  23. Yeah Not sure if this counts as a character but Small But Knowing Clown