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  1. Id say a day to celebrate within the fandom since MLP isn't THAT big anyway kind of like how 4/13 and 6/12 being important days in the fandom for Homestuck.
  2. ♪~It's really nice to know that there's so many people on here who love Vocaloid! (Or just mind it, or tolerate it I suppose!) ~♪
  3. ♪~ I believe that Rarity's favorite colors would be vin rouge and charm~ As seen by her grand galloping gala dress and the approximate colors in her bedroom...She also looks great in it.♪
  4. ♪~ Honestly I could care less about cloppers. Every fandom has porn, whether you like it or not. Its bound to happen and with how popular MLP is, it was for sure happening. The only thing I hate is if people are drawing porn of non-aged up characters (like the CMC for example), rape porn, insensitive porn or whatever. But if someone wants to jack off to a pornographic of [x] then let them. My dislikes go the same way with any other fandom I'm in. End of story, as long as they are tagging their shit appropriately, not shoving it in any person's face, and keeping it to themselves (or
  5. ♪~ This is more of a personal nitpick, but OCs or Ponysonas that have color palettes that clash or just are generally not nice to the eye. Again, nothing wrong with anyone who does have them, I just dont like it very much and I kinda cringe whenever I see them haha. ~♪
  6. Thank you very much, I noticed that after I posted it!
  7. ♪~ I'd also like to mention being a huge fan of the Project Diva video game series! The best rhythm games I've played in a long while! ~♪ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Uo2LHGPbI
  8. ♪~Just curious to see if there are any other Vocaloid fans here! ~♪ Guess to hit off a couple questions: What is your favorite Vocaloid? What is your favorite song done by a Vocaloid? Mine would personally be a tie between Miku and V Flower And favorite song as of right now would be Sadistic.Music∞Factory
  9. Human headcanoned mane six that has them all as skinny with big breasts (aside from, occasionally, RD) Oh also people in the fandom who tend to be homophobic, or who fetishize lesbians (seeing that the show mostly has female characters) :diamondtiara:
    1. Miku Hatsune

      Miku Hatsune

      lmao the one vocaloid song i absolutely loathe!

  10. I mean in the sense that MLP originally was and still is considered a show for girls (target audiences and all that jazz. Not to say that it's made solely for little girls.) Yeah the whole gendered media thing is a pain in the ass but something that's still a thing, unfortunately. -_-
  11. When people point to something in the show and its like "and they say its a little girls show" Um.. Yeah it still is a girls show at the end of the day. Also the use of the phrase "20% cooler", the whole idolization (I guess?) of background ponies (Muffins, Vinyl Scratch, ect ect) the whole mess that is princess "molestia" or any celestia parody that involves her being a tyrant
  12. Never seen this guy's stuff before. Something is a tad uncanny about it, and I suppose it isn't my cup of tea but to each their own!
  13. Just that. I'm curious to hear what everyone's headcanons are for a human mane six! (Plus Luna and Celestia.) Personally mine are as follows: Twilight Sparkle: Black, darker skin and hair straightened. Pinkie Pie: Most likely mixed. Black and white. Lighter skin color, hair kept natural Rarity: French/Korean AppleJack: Mexican, very tan! Gotta expect that from a farmer. Fluttershy: Chinese/Indian Rainbow Dash: Mexican. Same as AppleJack with being darker, since she is out in the sun a lot as an athlete. Luna and Celestia are black, Luna having a darker complexio
  14. Keep them coming everyone and thank you to everyone else so far!
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