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    Video games - World of Warcraft, & PS2; TV - MLP:FiM, Psyche, Bones, NCIS, Castle, Fairly Legal, Drop Dead Diva, Bad Girls Club, etc; Reading - Anne Bishop's Black Jewels stories, Lynsay Sands, Katie MacAlister, & lots more!; mlpforums

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  1. Been a long time. How is everypony?

  2. Sorry i'm potentially AFK until New Year's. Computer blew up/ power supply overheated. Wishing everypony a happy holidays and a fabulous new year! Hope to see y'all again soon. <3

  3. going to bed will check for reply msgs tmrw. Plz respond asap to get your requests completed! thanks

  4. New Specs: AMD Phenom II 970 Black, ASUS Sabertooth 990FX, GeForce 550 Ti, 8GB RAM

  5. Thanks again! (added comment on youtube + favorite) & can't wait for the next tutorials!
  6. almost raid time! Naturalglow - Feral Druid @ Kil'jaeden-US

  7. BBL - RAID TIME!! (Pixistyx-Resto Shaman-Kil'jaeden-US)

    1. Moosefullaeggs


      Heal like a motherlicker, my shammy friend.

    2. PixiGlow


      =) haha thanks!

  8. I think my tip would sound like a Dear John/Jane letter - Dear old server: Sorry but the new server is faster, better, cheaper, and newer! Laterz! P.S. we can still be "friends".
  9. I'm assuming these SQL errors and Driver Errors are a result of the moving? Kinda like when you move pictures around on imgur or photobucket & the links break? Here's the most recent one I got from clicking on a hyperlink (in the signature requests google doc) : http://mlpforums.com...640#entry484598 It did take me to the page correctly, (at least the link looks correct) but gave me this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hdd/home/mlp/public_html/ips_kernel/classDbMysql.php on line 1103 mlpforums.com Driver Error and nothing else on the page Amidoinitrite? or did i break it? edited: haha jinx you guys!
  10. Seeing this made me think of my #1 thing I look for in a man: Breathing. #2 would have to be appropriate age - since this year was my 6th annual 25th birthday (add the numbers plz don't multiply) that means at least 23+
  11. Both of these!! As far as looks go, if i'm interested in a guy, maybe it's like rose-colored glasses but he's attractive to me, even if others wouldn't think so. So like Harebrained said, icing... But I also generally have to add in what I like to call the "ahole factor" which is simply put, if a guy treats anyone like an ahole - especially me - or acts like an ahole in my presence... I don't care if he's a greek god or a model... in my eyes he's ugly, pretty much forever. Instant turn off. I also like a guy who plays video games, and best of all, if he takes some time to play along with me - but don't be messing with my raiding times, or i'll cut you. I'd rather a guy was not so shy from the start, cuz I tend to be kinda shy til I get to know people, sometimes. I'm also very respectful of other people's personal space, so even just hand holding or cuddling or what not, it's honestly better if the guy takes the initiative, or makes a spot for me and says "get ur cute butt over here!" or something along those lines. Also, can't stand the guys that act like "girls" being either clingy physically or emotionally, or wishy-washy with your feelings and you had better not be starting drama - that's my job! (JK!!) (had to point out that one, cuz I have a friend who is never getting past the "friendzone" because of that very thing - and he's probably going to get cut off from me altogether for other reasons. Shankveld would definitely say to cut him off and she has good instincts! so i'll leave it at that)
  12. That looks awesome Jokuc & Shadowbolt! Now you can come to the USA and paint my room !!
  13. Gnite my little ponies! =)