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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Right now I'm mostly just looking forward to relaxing for the weekend. I'm beginning to prepare for Christmas as well.
  3. Pinkie Pie's tail, obviously. It's extendable and can grab onto things. What more in a tail could you ask for?
  4. *wakes up* Huh? *60 seconds of silence as I slowly try to comprehend what is happening* *GASP* OH MY GOSH I'M IN EQUESTRIA! YES YES YES YES YES!!! But... what if I'm not? Maybe this is all just a dream? *punches myself to check if it's a dream* Ow! Definitely not a dream. Wow, this is so amazing... Wait a minute, I need a mirror! *checks race, cutie mark or lack thereof, and overall look/colors and expresses joy/distaste of them* I need to find Princess Twilight! And then I would go to Twilight's castle and meet her and check how far after or before the last aired episode time is in Equestria and describe my situation as Spike feverishly takes notes and see if I could find a temporary place to stay and befriend the Mane Seven and practice magic/flying if applicable and see what Equestrian books Twilight has to read and check whether or not they are written in English and try to get my cutie mark if I don't already have it and just walk around and explore and get used to my new life.
  5. When the episode first airs, I usually watch it on the TV, unless of course I sleep in and miss it, in which case I watch it on YouTube or Dailymotion with my computer. When I'm rewatching episodes, I either use Netflix or the computer.
  6. Holding in a sneeze and vomiting violently can both be fatal if it is intense enough to rupture a blood vessel.
  7. Sunset definitely could go back to Equestria at any time that she wants, but I think that her mind is actually blocking out that possibility because she wants to forget about the pony that she used to be. You have to keep in mind, Sunset was born a pony, and deep down, I don't think that that can ever change. She has always been the one to be most interested in Equestrian magic, whether she is embracing it or questioning where it came from, an interest that probably comes naturally to unicorn ponies. And as for the argument that Sunset won't leave her friends, I actually think that she really doesn't fit in with her friends at all. She doesn't quite seem to connect with them that well, and of course is stuck saying "no offense" every other day. I think that once Sci-Twi finally understands the Magic of Friendship as well as pony Twilight does, Sunset will finally not be needed in the human world, and she will realize that it is better for her to return home, where she can always befriend the Mane 6 anyways. Then we can finally see her apologize to Celestia like we've all been hoping for.
  8. Sweet Apple Acres. I guess I've just always loved the outdoors. Plus, there might even be sledding.
  9. 120% most certainly so. This show has had such a huge impact on my life, it is literally impossible for me to forget this. I have so many memories watching new episodes, sharing my opinions on them, watching more episodes, being on these forums, rewatching episodes... even if, for whatever reason, an alien takes control of my mind and forces me to never watch the show again, this show has been life changing for me, and I will forever remember it as simply beautiful.
  10. Alright, after half an hour of thought, I have my list: Element of Magic - Starlight Glimmer (yeah, that's a pretty easy one) Element of Honesty - Countess Coloratura (very honest in expressing herself through her music, has nothing to hide) Element of Kindness - Gabby (so maybe she's not a pony, but Gaby always tries to help others in whatever way she can, so she's perfect for the role) Element of Laughter - Trouble Shoes (has nobody actually mentioned him yet? His special talent is making others laugh! Even better, he is still learning about his talent, so he still has plenty of room to grow) Element of Generosity - Coco Pommel (I was actually considering swapping Coco's and Gabby's positions, but actually, Faust said that Rarity's element was originally going to be inspiration. Coco Pommel was responsible for producing the Midsummer Theater Revival, which is supposed to inspire others that they too can make a difference. She's always focused on figuring out what she has to give, so she fits the role better than anypony else) Element of Loyalty - Either Trixie or Vapor Trail (Okay, I admit, I just can't decide between these two. Trixie used to have no friends, and when she found one, she stuck to her side, and hated herself when she made that friend run away from her. During the finale, Trixie could have left Starlight with Discord at any time; there was no reason why she had to risk her life, nopony forcing her to do it. But she stuck to Starlight's side and did so anyways. And then Vapor Trail. Ever since Vapor was a filly, she always wanted to help her best friend, Sky Stinger. Obviously, she really just made the situation worse, but just look at her intentions. For several years, she stuck by her friend's side, always doing everything that she could do to help him. If that's not loyalty, I don't know what is. So, I guess it's up to you to decide between those two) And there you have it. If the Elements of Harmony ever need to leave the Tree once again, these are the ponies for the job.
  11. While the season did have a few very weak episodes, overall, I would say that it is pretty solid. The biggest complaints that I have are that Starlight didn't get nearly as much characterization as I was hoping for, with her best episode being No Second Prances, and Twilight didn't seem to learn anything new at all. However, there were still plenty of exceptional episodes with surprisingly good writing that we have to rewatch, along with several wonderful songs. Most of the characters each had their own time to shine, Spike finally got a great episode, the CMC's story continues to progress... I really think that this season, while not my favorite, did a good job, and people seem to be disliking it more than I would expect.
  12. At a younger age than I can remember. My parents really never saw any point in lying to me about a fictional character actually existing, so I didn't have to go through the emotional trauma that many others have experienced. Plus, at least the Easter Bunny is still real, right?
  13. I personally don't (usually) get depressed at all during the holidays. In fact, I find snowy days to be far more beautiful and enjoyable than those blisteringly hot summer ones. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both holidays during which I can kick back and relax, and just have a good time with my family. New Years in particular seems to energize me more than anything else for some reason, and I usually stay up till midnight, jumping up and down and screaming once the clock hits 12:00. I'm not sure why, but I just love the excitement knowing that a whole new year has just started at that very moment. And then I usually stay up to, like, 5:00, just because I can.