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  1. Hey, everypony! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been too busy doing productive things. *Teen Beach 2 Soundtrack plays in Background*

    1. Blueberry Paint

      Blueberry Paint

      What can I say? I... gotta be me. ;) Only true Teen Beach fans will get this reference.

  2. Well, to be honest, I've always liked Rainbow Dash ever since the first episode I've ever watched (Rarity Takes Manehattan). So... yeah. Although, if you want to know which episode made me like Rainbow Dash even more, it would probably be Sonic Rainboom or Rainbow Falls. In Sonic Rainboom, I kinda felt bad for Rainbow because it showed that with Rarity stealing the spotlight, Rainbow was scared that she wouldn't be as good. In Rainbow Falls, it showed how Rainbow Dash had a chance to have everything- She was going to be a Wonderbolt, everypony would see how great she was, etc.- but instead she decided to be loyal to her team, even though Team Ponyville wasn't really that good (Sorry to any Fluttershy or Bulk Biceps fans). So, those are the episodes that made me like her even more.
  3. Okay, seriously, I know it takes a while for RP's to get popular, but at this rate, Dazzle Diamond's practically dead. (A reference to my RP.)

    1. Blueberry Paint

      Blueberry Paint

      Psst! You can help me out by following this link! Ask to join the RP in the OOC.

  4. Zephyr Breeze. He's super irritating, I hate his man-bun, and he interferes with my Soarin Dash ship. He's gotta go.
  5. There's one thing that I really, REALLY don't want to happen, and that is Princess Flurry Heart becoming the most powerful alicorn princess in Equestria. But this is already kinda happening, so...
  6. Now, I'd probably let Rarity design it herself, or it could turn out like The Art of the Dress, but if I could choose... I'd want something that resembles modern clothes. Basically a dress with leggings and boots designed to look like regular, everyday clothes. Here's an idea of what it might look like.
  7. Link to RP: Welcome to The Great Canterlot Mystery! (This RP was inspired by, "Rarity Investigates".) This RP takes place in Canterlot (As you've probably guessed). It's Opening Night for a movie called, The Great Canterlot Mystery. Everypony is in waiting in line for a ticket at Canterlot Theaters, when suddenly, a rich mare named Dazzle Diamond is kidnapped! It's up to you to rescue Dazzle Diamond and solve the mystery of who kidnapped her. If you're up to the Challenge, reply to this OOC with: 1. A Picture of your OC 2. Your OC's name 3. Your OC's personality (Or, of course, you could just reply with a link of your RP Character Page from the Everfree Character Database.) RULES: 1. No foul language 2. Try not to be too violent. 3. No Alicorn OC's allowed. I'm sorry, but that would make it extremely unfair. 4. You're not allowed to be OP. That's all. Reply on this OOC if you want to join. We can only have a small number of people, so hurry up, because these spots won't be available forever!
  8. Okay, to be a little more specific, this is my OC, Blueberry Paint. As for Special Abilities, Blueberry has the power to paint portals to other realms. I'm still trying to work on how she came to Pandora. (If anyone could help me with this, that'd be wonderful.) And, as for Character Development,
  9. I'm not sure if I'd ever actually leave the fandom, but believe me, I've had some close calls: 1. Twilight Sparkle becoming an Alicorn Princess. 2. Hasbro making the Equestria Girls Movies. 3. Princess Flurry Heart being born. 4. The Changelings looking as if someone just pressed the Random Button on General Zoi's Pony Creator. If any of you liked any of these things happening, I'm not gonna get in an argument with you over them. I mean, I guess I could see how some people would love how Twilight became a Princess after all of her hard work, or how Shining Armor and Princess Cadence finally had a baby, but these are things that I never really liked.
  10. I'm So Sorry. XD (Also, I accidentally added an extra A and Y in the Speech Bubble.)
  11. Oh my Gosh! This sounds so fun! Can I please join? I'm a visitor, under the name of Blueberry Paint.