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  1. I have factored in of making where you can play as a brony hater to show you both sides but then again this to apeal to bronies yes it's going to doom-like gameplay run around the level shooting baddies finding keys and save the equestrians
  2. background info this is a game that i started production back in the summer of 2012 i wanted to make a parody of the fight between bronies and the a.b.b. got a whole overhauled in 2014 where the story would be more relateable by may 2015 i had made a working demo ready to be released but during a storm the power when out and my computer busted losing the first beta there was a second beta but it was so rushed and not very fun i pulled it from the web but luckily things are looking good as i might be able to get a actual good beta this year hopefully the story (I copyed and pasted this from m
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums goldsteed. I hope you have a great time here /)

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