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  1. Party Of One. We all know why. Lesson Zero for a close second.
  2. Haven't seen her yet, but I'll take a look. Let's see if youtube has any clips...
  3. I'd get a rainbow or Twilight one, once I move into my new place. Gotta have the space for it first.
  4. *walks in dressed like Halloween Homestar Runner* I like mine in the heart of a scary vammmmpiyah!!! *throws his hooves up in a "BOO" fashion* *Background pony taps him* BP: *whisper hiss* Psst! They meant the entree! Trin: Huh? Oh. Um, medium-well. I like medium-well. And not too much pepper.
  5. *checks out six-winged Twilight, puts hoof to chin like an art gallery patron* Mega-pegasus for Reindeer? As for "angel", maybe the word or its spoken Equestrian equivalent only exists as an adjective in this quantum reality. If Tartarus is canon, i.e., where bad ponies go, it follows then that there is probably an unaforementioned Elysium where good ponies go, and the rest of the "religion that intersects with physical reality" most likely has more Hellenic than Abrahamic elements. As always, not speaking for Hasbro here, this is just hypothetical extrapolation on my part.
  6. Mine would probably trade his synth for a screamo guitar, go on tour with Puddle of Mudd, and start spouting off Cynicist propaganda onstage. "A fuddy-duddy web is a righteous web, komrade!"
  7. You sound familiar somehow...were you ever a regular on the SomethingAwful forums?
  8. It continues to amaze me how the people who run one of the world's happiest countries can be such rumpholes. (happy as in prosperous and pleasant to live in, as opposed to certain others, I mean.) Speaking as a Pagan, though, I take comfort in knowing that real-life magic is one thing the world's wealthy will never be able to keep all for themselves or control, no matter how much money they pour into the project.
  9. I wanna be a quadsuit pony and run around in the park!! Though if some whiny kid jumps on my back and gets snot on my hide, he's getting bucked off right into the duck pond.
  10. Thunderlane is hot, so is Royal Riff. Midnight Star(nm?) too. Male here and would totally go for black coated stallions. And I'm actually Bi for Braeburn.
  11. @Lambdadelta Yikes. Can't get much more unpopular than that. Let's see... - The opening theme could use some variations and remixes, like they've done with the end theme. Unpopular with the writers and mixers, at least. - I find Applejack very relatable, but not modern country music or its fanbase. - I kinda miss the Golden Oak Library, it had a nice homey feel. If I walked around in that Crystal Palace I'd feel more out of place than Fred Durst at a Sailor Moon dead circus cosplay convention.
  12. "Party of One" and "Lesson Zero" shouldn't have been made the way they were; they may have been intended for comedic effect but it just gave the GDs and haters more shock-fuel to use. Luckily, full-on animation takes a lot of work, imagine how bad it would've gotten out there if making animation were as easy as writing fanfics...*shudder* Yeah, Hasbro needs to tone down the pink packaging and hyping the girly side of things; an auxiliary male Mane 4 wouldn't be bad, just don't give them buzzcuts, tattoos, stubble, and cigars. The voices and head-shapes distinguish genders enough already.
  13. If they tried, only a small few Humans would make it and the project would only be marginally successful. Yes, there are people loyal, honest, kind, fun-loving, and even magical enough to achieve this; I've met them, they do exist, in spite of what the Cynics' Army says, but after the project's completion the ponies would have to either take the converted Humans home with them OR give them a new place to live, inaccessible to all the people on Earth who would then try to control, enslave, or destroy both new parties. Even then, safeguards would be necessary among those who sought a new way, to
  14. Twilight is second huggiest pony. Just don't get poked by the horn.
  15. Liking it, but too little time was left for the actual game action. *sigh* Same thing they did wrong in the Equestria Games episode. I agree with this moral; high-pressure motivation does NOT work for everypony, myself included. This is a good-ep streak though; I don't even remember off-hoof what the last really bad episode was. And I know I'm going to get so many random virtual objects thrown at me for saying this, but...am I the only one who thinks Sports-Pinky is sexy as hill for some reason?
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