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  1. PinkiePuffPoo

    Pinkie Pie is Starswirl the bearded, confirmed by canon

    That is just scary. Pinkie being Star Swirl is just too much to handle.
  2. PinkiePuffPoo

    Do ponies have belly buttons?

    I have no clue. Yes? No? Who knows?
  3. PinkiePuffPoo

    Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Has anyone seen how not to become an alicorn on youtube? Hilarious!
  4. PinkiePuffPoo

    What would happen if Discord wore the alicorn amulet

    Don't make me think about it.
  5. PinkiePuffPoo

    Which Of These Would You Rather See Happen in EQG4?

    I'd like to see her return but get stuck while her friends suspect a villan.
  6. Twilight because she's had experience in leadership or apple jack because she's honest.
  7. PinkiePuffPoo

    I Like EQG Better Than FiM. Anyone Else Agree?

    Omg you should be banished to the everfree forest and cupcaked.
  8. PinkiePuffPoo

    General Share A Dream You had.

    Strange star wars episode 3:padme and anakin go camping.
  9. PinkiePuffPoo

    Worst MLP Fanfictions

    Any that have daughters of the mane 6. Also anything scary.
  10. PinkiePuffPoo

    What is your favorite fan song?

    Angel of darkness. Love it.
  11. PinkiePuffPoo

    Does anyone think Twilight Sparkle is a Mary Sue?

    Nope. Princess Celestia made her an alicorn because she was ready. If she was a mary sue then she probably would have been an alicorn in friendship is magic part 2.
  12. PinkiePuffPoo

    Have you ever been to a pony convention?

    No,but I want to. There are none nearby.
  13. PinkiePuffPoo

    does my oc have to be a pony?

    They can be anything you want them to be! This is your oc. They could be a griffon, a changeling or even a crystal pony! Make it as unique as you want it to be.
  14. PinkiePuffPoo

    OC in need of a Name

    Paint Splash.It's what came to mind when you said artistic.
  15. PinkiePuffPoo

    Who likes Twilight Sparkle?

    I know many people don't like Twilight. They think she's a mary sue. I don't. So who's with me people!