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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hey . Thank you for your advices. Again, they are very usefull. I have not forgot that you are here. In these times, I'm in a very intense job research. I have just time to do music sometimes / videos. But I can't follow any lessons with efficacity at this moment. But, really, I will do it. And again, thank you for this proposition . I will do my best.
  3. Hello. This time I have a special thing. With a girl-friend, we have decided to make a french version of My Cadence by M.Mosier. I have made a new instrumental and I have tried to put some quality in it. It was not easy but I hope that the result will sound correct; So, here is the link : I hope you'll enjoy the sound even if it's not the same langage than the original . Have a good evening . Dam
  4. A friend has said that I need to smile sometimes. So, now, it's done.
  5. Thank you. And yes, it's a lot . I just practise with my "feelings". I have absolutely no theory. Maybe it's the time to learn some lessons..
  6. Man, thank you. I needed some advices like this. You are welcome and it will help me a lot. Can I add you on skype? Because this song will be not the only one and can help me a lot. Did you take some lessons about music?
  7. Hello. In this place, I will put musics which are related to Erebys, my comic. Often, songs will be in a anime / Disney style. But sometimes, I'll try some differents things . In any case, they will be immersive and intense. I mean, I will do my best for it So, the first is about Luna : Ost - Repentance : I hope you'll enjoy it. The girl is French and she is a begginer. She is very motivated to increase her singing. Her channel :
  8. Page 19 : It was very hard to make. And a small "bonus" :
  9. Page 18 : The story can begin now.
  10. I've totally fail 2016 and I have remord and regrets about it. Cause of this, I cry sometime. It sound a little weak but I'm like that. Emotive. I'll try to win 2017 and try to recove my motivation. Huh.
  11. I actually search a sung girl voice for a Luna Song :). Don't hesitate to pm me :)

    1. Emerald Shine

      Emerald Shine

      Really? That's cool!

    2. Windskyed


      Huh, since this statut, it's done .

  12. Yes. Very hard. At the two of Januart I begin a cutting cylce for the fighting. I practise martial arts. Need to loose 10 kg for having the perfect weight. Before I was in obesity with multiples deficiencies (Hormonals and muscular). We can exercice hard, but with intelligence and reflexion. So, yes,
  13. New page. Page 17 : Celestia appears