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  1. MelloSkitzo

    Another Useless Drawing ^^;;;

    It looks pretty good to me
  2. MelloSkitzo

    General How tall are you?

    I'm a 6'2 dude. I'm a mountain. And I love it.
  3. MelloSkitzo

    Having an issue getting onto Poniarcade server

    thanks a bunch! Now I can play!
  4. MelloSkitzo

    Having an issue getting onto Poniarcade server

    I can't get in now either. Says "bungee 1.8" "server out of date"
  5. MelloSkitzo

    Gaming Project Spark

    I remember it. I think it was because of how unorthodox it was that made it disappear. It may have been "to orirgnal" for people to handle.
  6. MelloSkitzo

    alicorn oc's

    WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE CADANCE?!?! I still don't understand XD
  7. MelloSkitzo

    Being caught being a brony stories

    Thats actually realy cool that you were out holding a sign like that. I applaud your bravery, friend
  8. My steam is The fryingest Pan V2
  9. MelloSkitzo

    General Ever been asked to hang out, and just hung back?

    I do it a lot to girls. Im not bein sexist or anything. I just am afraid of being tempted into another relationship. Me and my woman are polyamorous but Im still uncomfortable with the concept of having more than one partner.
  10. The boltor prime in warframe is wayyyyyyyyyy to overpowered lol. The thing is way to strong to be in any game.
  11. MelloSkitzo

    Do you believe in Ponies?

    Ponies are fictional. Its silly to worship something in a tv show. I however, am atheist. So I don't believe in there being a "higher power".
  12. MelloSkitzo

    Do you release your anger onto something

    I used to fight. A LOT. Now I meditate. And listen to relaxing music to help soothe my mind.
  13. MelloSkitzo

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I have this "special" song stuck in my head lmao XD
  14. MelloSkitzo

    General Do you want children?

    I don't want kids at themoment but maybe as I get older I will
  15. MelloSkitzo

    Bust A Rhyme!

    The cleanliness! Noooooo! I can't handle it!