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  1. Yeah i could dig this. 8/10
  2. My ex is still the only one willing to talk to me. Or who i want to talk to. This fits perfectly 

  3. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you
    And I'd be lying if I said I didn't care
    And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't kiss you
    But I'm not lying when I say I love your hair

    Don't go, don't go

  4. I'm happy when she's happy. But i wish i was the one making her happy.

    1. Someguyinablazer


      Make yourself happy first.

  5. YAS 9/10
  6. Any one really into metalcore/deathcore?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AngelsNight


      Yeah its quite cool.
      How have you been

    3. strongwilled_pegasus


      just fine how about you?

    4. AngelsNight


      Every thing is going just fine. :)

      Things are going as i want them to, never been more happy.

  7. Yes please.. ( Btw it kinda looks like he is always high screaming in a way) 8.5/10
  8. Smart little me thought a glass door was open. It was not open... I ran in to it so hard i had to go to a doctor to remove some of the glass lel.
  9. We all have our horrors
    And our demons to fight
    But how can I win when
    I'm paralyzed?
    They crawl up on my bed,
    Wrap their fingers round my throat
    Is this what I get for
    The choices that I made?
    God forgive me for all my sins
    God forgive me for everything
    God forgive me for all my sins
    God forgive me
    God forgive me
    Don't go
    I can't do this on my own
    Bmth- Dont go.   wow.
  10. 8/10 CLASSIC! <3
  11. Mega Thread

    Coffee?! I would say a 6... If its any coffee than make caramel coffee its over an 8 :). What are the best way's to get rid of boredom?
  12. I've never been so happy to be sad...
    I now know i can atleast feel again.

    1. Heavenly Inexplicit

      Heavenly Inexplicit

      I know the feeling of not being able to feel. I'm sorry that you've got to go through it. It won't last, I promise.

    2. AngelsNight
  13. I'm not gonna deny. 
    People who say something is not offensive don't have to say that they don''t mean it.
    I am the only one who agrees any way :')

  14. Language is scary when overanalysed
    Every word that I say seems far too contrived.
    What are your intentions? I’m ashamed by mine.
    When I’m thinking too much I realise I’m unkind.

    Pretend that I’m nicer than I’ll ever be,
    I am selfish and deluded, enjoy my hypocrisy.
    Complain that I’m bored, when being bored is a privilege.
    Act like I’m suffering, there’s no suffering in this.

    First world problems they bred in my head
    Ethical contradictions between my actions and what I’ve said.
    I should just shut my mouth as evidence piles against me
    that I’m so much worse than I think, exposed as a phoney.

    I am shit, I am shit.
    nuh nuh nur nur fucking dick.
    I am shit, I am shut
    nuh nur nuh nur nuh nuh.


    (Made by Crywank.)
    Have a G 0-0 D day people