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  1. Damn... you got some talent over there Wish i could draw like that.
  2. Welcome to the Forums, Hope you have a wonderful time friend.
  3. Hmm funny, not my taste but after a while its really good... Just wow... 9/10 (not my thing but still.) Edit: I was typing this to Arid_Blitz, ScruffyTheStallion beat me to it do... you win this round
  4. Russ - Do It Myself

    How you should do things.

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    2. AngelsNight



      How are you doing?  

      (its a song from a rapper ;) )

    3. strongwilled_pegasus


      doing just fine...   so, what's up?


      is that vinyl scratch on your profile picture? nice

    4. AngelsNight


      you know it boii.

      N0thing much. just been learning for up comming tests

  5. Something more true i will not find on the internet :0
  6. Eating some ice cream with a friend. (its still hot in Holland)
  7. 16.

    Nice :)

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    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      sounds interesting any way:D

    3. AngelsNight


      i hope and guess so. im enjoying the day so far anyways :)

    4. strongwilled_pegasus


      i squish that smiley, lol



  8. Mega Thread

  9. Mega Thread

    Should i or should i not go to a place to get dinner with friends... im poor atm. BUT food.
  10. If you copy paste this link:

    You will know the 2 things i am addicted to ^_^
  11. I guess this is a good timing to comment here. Do i guess i count as a player or something because of it? :3
  12. 2 Year ago my grandfather died couple of days for my birthday, witch hit hard when i realized he would never be around any more. Further maybe once or twice for around 5 seconds but yeah that was nothing really.