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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. uhm, so my school is weird. i have 4 day's of school 09:00-14:15 and for every 8 hours i have work (anything goes aslong as you have papers of doing said work) you get a day off school. loving it to be honest :)

  4. Hey! sorry if i scared any one!
    time flew by! might be on every now and than.
    Have a great night/morning!

  5. where ever you are, i hope your'e doing well

    1. AngelsNight


      Hey, im doing just fine! sorry if i scared you. :(
      I won't twist around the story.
      really simple i don't really like mlp anymore. it was great fun being here though! i had such fun laughs and times on here. But yea kinda grew out of this period of my life for a while. Think i might just come on here every now and than to talk to some old friends. 
      Hope you are doing good aswell friend!:twismile:

  6. 'sorry what are you talking about' 'I really don't know'
  7. To eat or not to eat. The muffin of fate. sorry wrong word i guess
  8. Hi. Im normal, nice wheater we are having.
  9. I think he is not crazy just derpy. (love your avatar bro)
  10. Damn, 9/10 best song i've heared on here <3
  11. howdy:muffins:

    wishing you a late birthday

  12. Had a goodnight rest? want some clothes? some breakfist maybe?
  13. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. AngelsNight


      Thank you <3

  14. Fidget Spinners, They mostliky have more weight to them. (Still hope Beyblades win though) Whats your favorite way to pass the time?