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  1. PinkieDash1738

    Friendship Games SunLight or SciTwiShimmer?

    Personally I Prefer SunLight over SciTwlShimmer.
  2. PinkieDash1738

    Web Your Favorite youtuber

    Here is my top 11 1.AmazingPhil 2.Danisnotonfire 3.Jacksepticeye 4.Markiplier 5.Pewdiepie 6.Game Theory 7.LDShadowlady 8.Ihascupquake 9.Shane Dawson 10.RarityDash 11.Tridashie
  3. PinkieDash1738

    Gaming Any Five Nights At Freddy's Fans Out There?

    I am a FNAF fan and my fav animotronic is Mangle!
  4. PinkieDash1738

    Whatcha think? C:

    Love it!