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  1. I found an old prom picture, god I look like a child its weird now that im in my mid 20s and and still look like im 19 but back when I was 17-18 I looked like 12-14 years old... weird how time flies isn't it...

  2. I perform full on deathcore screaming concerts in the shower
  3. I need some chicken nuggets but of course all the chicken nuggets are sold out at the multiple grocery stores next to me :( this pandemic is trash you can take me freedom but mess with my nuggets and now youre crossing the line

    1. Cinnamon-Bun


      What about mc or kfc take-away idk 

    2. vampireponyprince


      we don't have a kfc anywhere near my small town, we have mcdonalds but like a 20 piece is  more expensive and I could have more the next day from like Walmart or target  mcdonalds isn't good for reheating atleast the times ive had it

  4. I have an innie I don't even know anyone with an outie (yet)
  5. The wizard of Oz terrified me as child it was so freaky with the wicked witch
  6. im trying out new styles now that im growing out of skinny jeans and band tees. idk, which look should I do next? theres endless possibilities

  7. I went on a road trip to las vegas and in the middle of the desert they have areas were its like "only one gas station for 103 miles fuel up now or prepare for trouble" it was terrifying but such a cool experience at the same time I loved the beautiful scenery of the desert rock formations with the cloudless sky that day. next time I wanna do it when its not 113 degrees in the desert of Utah and Nevada maybe during the winter next year. we ended up taking route 66 all the way back home and just everything was so beautiful seeing the scenic routes of the US
  8. no thanks. I grew up in the old emo and scene community. and plenty of our pictures have now become memes as cringe content thankfully mine have not and for that I thank the internet
  9. I think its the difference of the younger generations growing up being surrounded by it. I didn't have a smart phone till senior year of highschool and at first I hated it but after surrounding myself with tech it makes things easier to be adjusted to them. my dads older than the internet. grew up using type writers and the like. he loves Netflix now because he chose to let himself be surrounded by technology I find that people who are surrounded by it day in day out tend to accept it and like it more
  10. day 13 of quarantine, finished season 2 FIM and have made a single sandwich every day at the same exact time. I also found out that Walmart has a knock off version of chic fil a signature sauce, bought it. and ohhhh my is it great I also am losing my mind.

  11. I need to buy another guitar, im at 8 guitars but wanna shoot for an even 10 lol 

    I need better decision making skills

  12. When everyone out abroad came back after typical break time everyone started getting sick and it was like a more aggressive flu, looking back I've probably already had it honestly because it felt like regular flu and allergies but more agressive on the lungs and the recovery time took a WHILE
  13. emo vamp prince is whatcha getting! lol a few years ago