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  1. Never expected all these replies, Thanks everyone!
  2. Most likely Gimp but there is ways of getting photoshop for free if you want to do that but I do not recommend it as the developers deserve to be payed although Adobe is already rich haha.
  3. I don't really have "one", I like a lot and don't know a lot of their names
  4. Nice, You got some positive media attention, usually a lot of media attention is negative its sad but true.
  5. Never actual read one but I would assume it would be worth it if you like comics in general if not you could give it a try still to see if you like it?
  6. Ah this is where I started watching because I heard of this so called "Brony" Fandom and I loved it!
  7. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: Through a magical website called Google. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Well I wouldn't consider my self a huge fan I just started watching a few days ago, At this moment I am only on Season 1 (Nearly S2).I am very new to the brony community and I also started playing on a MLP gmod server called Pony Living before I watched the show. I know a lot of male bronies are usually feminine but I am not really if I am honest but have no problem with people who are. I am a pretty chill guy, I am just a typical stereotype teenager (Going out drinking,occasional Mary J ;p ). Got a problem with me, Just don't talk to me or block me. I did say I am chill but when people piss me off I can get quite pissed. I don't have too much skills but in my spare time I will make stuff in Photoshop or Sony Vegas/After Effects some software. Sorry its short I am new here if you want to tell me something about the fandom please do, Thanks for reading.
  8. Welcome to MLP Forums iSharpy. I hope you have a great time here /)