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  1. "Of course!" Roxy said with slight embarrassment, she had never backed down from a mission. She took her chakram off from behind her back sliding it into her right hand and hanging it down for her side, she had her guard up for only to show Reynold her confidence. "My chakram might be frivolous against this boss, do you think I can do it?" Roxy said in a worried and anxious tone.
  2. "Alright!" Roxy said with a little shake in her voice not feeling confident but wanting to heavily trust Reynold. She nodded her head and began to follow Reynold, she hadn't been in this dungeon before. "My chakram is beginning to age, hopefully this boss will reward one of us with some superior weapon," "Like a big gun or something," Roxy said while slightly starting to giggle. "So what type of weapon does this boss have?"
  3. "We should probably strategize with more precaution, but we should be fine!" Roxy replied with excitement, whilst trying to redeem herself with bravery. Roxy being ten levels under the boss, on the inside intimidated, she scoffed when she heard the boss's level. She turned around and sighed while waiting for Reynold to develop a plan, as he knew this boss far better than her. Her chakram suddenly seemed to dissipate itself from all the energy previously absorbed, and turning into a normal stone chakram again. "Maybe our weapons aren't sufficient enough?" Moxy said to Reynold while sighing.
  4. ThatsAPaddlin

    Princess Luna

    I love this so much!!!! I played Borderlands 3 a ton this drawing is absolutely amazing x3!!!!
  5. Roxy is instantly flattered and accepts the invitation. "Of course, maybe we should go before the imbuing on my chakram runs out!" She does a small dance in a little circle around her and squeals a bit from over-excitement. Extremely excited she grabs Reynolds wrist and drags him straight down to the first floor asking "So which boss are we fighting?"
  6. Roxy still giggling a little from her little stunt was surprised when he made it up to her so quick. "I still feel drained, but anyhow should I be on my way? I don't want to bother you anymore than I already have." Roxy replied trying to sound the least bit modest. Truly she wanted to stay and maybe hang around. She was still excruciatingly tired and needed more rest but was feeling bloodthirsty for a dungeon. The day seemed dark but there were no clouds, Roxy only liked cloudy days. She turned around and started to head for the door after grabbing her chakram from his hand.
  7. Roxy startled woke up and immediately sat up coughing with great intensity and stopped after a minute, she looked around her curious as to why she was there? Had she not remember renting a hotel room? It suddenly hit her, she must have passed out! She suddenly muttered, "Reynold?" Trying to remember the person that saved her and had guessed correctly. She bobbed on the bed, which was a water bed. She got up and realized she was missing her chakram "Wheres my... where could it be?" She made a huge amount of noise scavenging around the room searching for it. She peered out the window looking at
  8. "Yes, of course!" Roxy exclaimed, "Why don't we head to the nearest town and have a discussion there, I'm quite tired and exhausted especially from the sun devil, he had been chasing me for the longest time," Roxy barely finished her last word before starting to fall to the ground and passing out due to sleep deprivation.
  9. She backed up as soon as he put his hand on her shoulder not wanting to show weakness, as she was usually full of energy. "Hi, I'm Roxy! Thanks for the potion I shall repay you! Whats your name!?!??!" Roxy said extremely quickly trying to recollect her energetic self.
  10. Roxy quickly turned herself over from the ground and caught the potion and chugged it, instantly regenerating all wounds she held out her hand toward the tree where her chakram lays. The chakram flew straight to Roxy with a faint glow, it fell perfectly into her hand. She turned toward the sun devil and threw it at the mythical creature. As soon as it made contact with it the sun devil it seemed to vaporized imbuing Roxy's chakram. Her chakram had been set to execute and absorb low health elementals giving her chakram a special imbuing for a couple of hours. She was panting from the exertion l
  11. Roxy now reaching low health attempted to get back up but was picked up and thrown over 20 meters barely being conscious. She laid on the rough grass with blurred vision while looking at the sun devil approaching her as it only appeared to be a small wisp of vibrant red orange. Incapacitated she thought this was her final moment, the fire devil only a couple of feet away casting the finishing spell while showing a devious smile. Roxy tightly closed her fist holding on to the rough grass near her hands. She closed her eyes and all she could hear was the enormous roar of the spell being casted.
  12. Sprinting as fast as possible, Roxy, was being pursued by creature which hadn't been made out yet, she threw her normal stone chakram around her in an attempt to hit the pursuer but missed and the chakram came back flying with the wind ahead of her and seemed to have struck a tree so hard it fell. A small yelp had came from the tree, but the pursuer had caught Roxy and had begun throwing thrash after thrash, "HELLP," screamed Roxy!
  13. Years ago, at the end of my 8th grade year I remember duck taping our math teacher to the wall and throwing an apple pie in his face xD! It was quite the entertaining event, even he had a quite a laugh! EDIT: Yes it was a event, he was not forced lol
  14. I use light saber as it serves as a obvious universal, but me myself wouldn't mind saying laser sword !
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