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  1. pinkiepiebabe

    Deer OC help

    i would do a lighter brown and a soft green eye
  2. pinkiepiebabe

    Can eqg stand without Sunset?

    Honestly, EGQ would be somewhat pointless and shallow without Sunset Shimmer. She provides a new and important connection for Twilight and the others, and having her appear deepens an exploration of Twilight's character. I also think she adds this awesome depth on the concepts of good and evil. She represents this grey area that isn't usually explored in kids shows, and her ability to see things from all angles is a very important lesson I think. Without sunset Shimmer, EQG would be just human clones of the mane six, without any substantial character development or tension.
  3. yeah I don't really care about that. I'm a classical/folk musician at school and I take that very seriously. But recording is a little more loose for me, since I am not a singer, and it is just a fun thing. I agree though, we get used to high quality.
  4. pinkiepiebabe

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    this is muah! not the best at pictures but I tried.
  5. I do it all the time. I make music for fun and for the type of music I've been making lately, that low q sound is kind of desirable.
  6. pinkiepiebabe

    its 2017 is the brony fandom dying?

    I'm not going to just leave the fandom. Sure, the hype died down a bit, but I have a feeling that will be temporary.
  7. pinkiepiebabe


    I'm 17, but sometimes i feel really disconnected from that experience of teenage life. My best and closest friends have been online.
  8. pinkiepiebabe

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    neither! the state of the world is too complicated, and both sides have failed to address the real issues.
  9. pinkiepiebabe

    Cosplay Fluttershy Cosplay- Anime Expo 2014

    so cute!!!!!!! i want to cosplay fluttershy really bad
  10. pinkiepiebabe many of us are...single (me)

    single, but not on forums much anymore. i guess you can find me on tumblr more at
  11. pinkiepiebabe


    I cosplayed as kiki from kiki's delivery service but I really wanna do a fluttershy
  12. pinkiepiebabe

    Interests & hobbies

    We should talk sometime then. I shall add you as a friend
  13. pinkiepiebabe

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Haven't listened to metal in years, anyone wanna leave some recs and talk about it with me?
  14. pinkiepiebabe

    Interests & hobbies

    1. Interests: I'm very interested in music and history at the moment, but makeup, fashion and aesthetics are very important to me also. I'm also very interested in other people, I love hearing about individual experiences and cultures. You could say I'ma bit nosy 2. Hobbies besides the internet Parkour/acrobatics (I've been training for a year!), rock, jazz, bebop, swing, metal, hip hop, electronic, classical (fav), and really all the music out there, especially the type that makes me feel something and/or I can dance to. Another hobby is making cute edits and coding. 3. What do I do for fun? Well, for starters, I take a lot of pictures. I like to go exploring and seeing flowers and old houses. I love window shopping (I'm a bit broke) and trying on expensive perfume. I try to go to kick backs that friends host but I don't get along with the people, so I stick to small groups and go out into the city instead. I do a lot of tv watching and crying as well. Naruto has been rough! 4. Job? Odd jobs. I can't keep one because I'm in an intensive school, but I babysit, clean, mow lawns, sort papers and some other stuff. I try to sustain myself as well as possible, but I'm quite young and small so I'm hard to hire. When I grow older I'd like to do a job that helps people. Maybe social work or enviromentalism. Talk to me about your interests!
  15. pinkiepiebabe

    Cheap or Expensive

    Neither luxury nor cheap,More in between. Someplace where it's homey and the food is very good, just not fancy.