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  1. hello my friends....it has been almost a year....so i am sorry to give more bad news....i have to move and because of that i will not have a laptop anymore there fore i wont beable to come back to this site or world of anime too....so if you want to stay in contact message me in the comments below...

    1. Ed Lyons

      Ed Lyons

      Hi, I'd like to stay in contact. It'll be sad to see you leave :(

  2. uggggggggggggg food is gross.....

  3. Blaire D. Lycan

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    that life is good right now and how i am good at being my self and being creative....
  4. once every night i sit and cry i'm so lonely and dark inside sure i got friends from what u can see heck i've got a girlfriend her and me but what's behind the doors? you open but u cant see no more you step in side and there is a flash of light u struggle to hold on with all your might bad things happen in the world you know some are hidden while others show its what u do with those bad things that matter so pick up your chin and stop getting sadder every day is a new day my mom tells us so i think hard on that while i'm waiting for the bus and i come to see that there are joys
  5. no i'm not into tough guys and muscles ...
  6. i have halo and i want others to play with me so i got these steps for some people to join me but i can only have four people join.. 1) download hamachi 2) click on hamachi 3)click on network at the top 4) click join network 5) enter the following in boxes provided in the hamachi: username: halo12345678910987654321 password: password with that your in. 6)next download halo 7)then go into multiplayer 8) go into join then internet 9) then join the game i set up i hope to see people there lmao good luck comment if you have questions...ill answer one now: yes it is all free.
  7. well good night! "i'll also show you a sweet dream, next night."

  8. Blaire D. Lycan

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    i feel love and want to give love to some one but scaredto do so...i dont want to be hurt again.
  9. ohhh little fluttershy that's sooooo cute i would never hate to date little fluttershy despite we are both girls
  10. so one day i will find my perpose in this world and with that my magic will be released and with that i will be at peace with oneself and one's mind.

    1. Malinter


      Yup. Also hope to achieve that for myself too XD

    2. Blaire D. Lycan
  11. durarara! i love celty! she is awesome!
  12. lol yea that would be bad but i could live with it *winks*
  13. *every one looks at the idiot in the room* i am talking on a art post yet i dont look at art! who am i!
  14. is there a discore exchange thread? i use it and i have learned that others do too so i was just asking...

    1. Malinter


      one of my contacts keeps asking me to get that. says its more reliable than skype (which may or may not be true) XD

    2. Blaire D. Lycan

      Blaire D. Lycan

      eh i dont know for sure... but i haveit and it is usefull



    3. Blaire D. Lycan
  15. funny really and that is what i was thinking lol
  16. ahh welcome to TīpātīTīpātīTīpātīTīpātī "the house of tea" please make your orders and take a seat wherever. i will be there to bring your order when it is ready. i am also required to tell you that we are looking for workers so if you need a job please come see me. follow me to a table.
  17. here is your seat. your order will be with you shortly. thank you. also the exit is over there when you are ready to leave. we ask you be nice and respectful even at the bar. thank you and i will be back with your order. *bows respectfully and leaves to the kitchen*
  18. that is rude and well...just mean plus people should feel proud and comfortable on what ever they do. they should not have to worry about others trying to brake there art work, music, success, etc. down! i hate people like that.
  19. what is derpibooru? it sounds ... foreign...
  20. apple jack for sure because she reminds me about myself:honest and friendly.
  21. yea many...in fact all of them... every time i get into a relationship it is usually over in at least a week or two. that is why i cont cry when they brake up with me...because i saw it coming.
  22. if you could life in any anime (coughs) or mlp (coughs) what would it be? me i would be durarara or sao those seem pretty good bets soul eater and bleach are also good in my eyes it seems i have too many to choose! what do you think what would you choose?
  23. i don't have imaginary friends as much friends from another universe that only few can see. the difference is that few others can see them. but other than that i have my pet cat that i actually think i can comunicate will so i guess that counts...
  24. you know what scares me....my teddy bear because he likes to sit in the corner ands stare ate my dog and then my dog starts barking at the cat then the cat hisses at the snake then the snake wraps itself around the rabbit the the rabbit eats the rat then the day goes sour. so there i am scared of my teddy bear.

  25. all hail princess sunny butt!

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