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  1. I'm sure she was. Sometimes it's almost like she's doing an impression
  2. My idea was to have a separate MLP movie with Dr Hooves and follow that up with episode 200 which deals with the Doctor and Derpy's wedding.
  3. I highly suspect that an entity such as a ghost that is not composed of matter but very subtle energy can be influenced in its physical appearance by the observer. This would explain in part the cultural distinctions in their appearance.
  4. It very well could be. I've spoken with a gentleman who thinks his house is haunted by the spirit of a little girl and thats the kinda stuff that goes on. You might get an infrared camera set up and see what you find. My mother said that she used to see a ghost occasionally floating outside her window in the house she lived in when she was growing up. I no longer question the separate physical existence of the spirit however sublime. People in Japan certainly can't really afford to, their island is one big haunted house
  5. Only if they need to.. (moustaches on girls make me throw up)
  6. They don't teach Tom Sawyer, it's Huckleberry Finn (dat N word). But at least that story was entertaining. The Great Gatsby was boring as shit as were most 'modern American classics' Fuck 'Native Son' Fuck 'A Separate Peace' Fuck 'Lord Jim' Fuck 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. The only books that I read in high school that were bearable were the first and the last and those were Call of the Wild and Catcher in the Rye. Don't read the rest cause they suck
  7. This picture is pretty well representative of the mane six and their respective relationships with each other. Twilight is up front, AJ, is next to her as the one who would try and organize/direct in her absence. Rarity and Fluttershy, the more feminine are on one side, AJ, Pinkie and Rainbow who are more aggressive, are on the other. Pinkie who is AJ's distant cousin is next to her and Rainbow, who is the opposite end of the spectrum from Rarity, is at the other end. Also, Rarity and Rainbow Dash don't really even know each other.. My only suggestions would be that Rarity needs her hair fixed. Her hair should be the best of all of them. Also, could someone please fix AJ's right leg? I would've preferred to see the MLP / TFP crossover myself.
  8. That sounds interesting. I've seen some good stories along those lines. As long as it was different enough from Magical Mystery Cure. How about throwing in Chrysalis and the changelings and make it an identity swap free-for-all?
  9. Which book do you like better: Alternative 003 by Leslie Watkins The Two Faces of George Bush by Anthony Sutton or Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions by Christof Friedrich?
  10. So what if Steve Magnet turns out to be trans. We already knew he was gay..
  11. Third. That's about the only positive thing I can say here. Just, just, third...