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  1. Oh nice. Just had a post deleted without my knowledge. Welcome to the forums!

    1. Jeric


      Be careful of how you present yourself on here next time. We have standards. 

      That is all. 

  2. I'm pretty sure most people have multiple oc's. They just choose one to be their ponysona which is a bit different.
  3. Hello everyone.

  4. Ok, I understand now. Thanks for all that information. I know it was quite a bit.
  5. I think I understand how it works. You'd basically either have to bring the animal yourself or if it's a large animal call and have them come take a look. Calling a vet to travel would be expensive of course.
  6. How common is to find vets that specialize in exotic animals/ pets would you guess?
  7. When you were in vet school did you learn anything about taking care of exotic animals?
  8. What's up everyone?

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    2. Alpharius


      There is a lot of strats involved because you'll occasionally be attacked by rival factions etc. depends how you play and depending on where you choose to land on your randomly generated planet.

    3. Veil


      So, it's a multiplayer online kind of game?

    4. Alpharius


      you can install a multiplayer mod but it's ideally a single player game. 

  9. I don't anymore. The community here is terrible. People just spreading rumors about one another to create the cliques they want. The downtown area has a really bad homeless problem to the point that they had to put police cameras every where. Gamer shops keep closing down all over town. The job market is extremely average. The cost of living is really high. Public transportation is extremely rude and racist. Next year I'm planning to move out this town with a buddy of mine. It's just gonna be a really long, lonely and depressing as hell year...
  10. My favorite kind of animal would be large cats. I might try get a place someday where I can keep some large cats like tigers or mountain lions. That would awesome.
  11. Usually I'm pretty creative when I'm designing websites.
  12. Veil

    Ask Bas | Repairity

    Are you training to be a hero just for fun?
  13. What's everyone up to?

  14. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow so I can stream wow classic live.