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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. The current atmosphere is dripping with potential for them to return so them not returning would be a waste. Plus Ishi Rudell has said he misses them and would love to bring them back.
  3. I've heard some people online say that Hasbro said the Dazzlings won't return to EQG ever again? I was wondering where is the source of this claim, as it's a pretty strong claim. If it's true it would SUCK as they were some of the best parts of Rainbow Rocks.
  4. This is something which is baffling and bothering me. How come Hasbro hasn't brought back the Dazzlings. In general they were one of the most popular things to come of out Rainbow Rocks, and are some of the best MLP villains. According to Ishi Rudell he would LOVE to bring them back but Hasbro hasn't said anything yet. Why?! I hope their appearance in season 7 and the comic is a build up to their return as they just ran off, and the whole magic leaking is begging for them to come back.
  5. All characters were OOC in the book. They were like grade-school children in high school bodies. But the funny thing is, that the book gave Sunny Flare a character as in the movie she was a living prop with like what, 3 lines?
  6. Hey everypony, I'm planning to go to Everfree Northwest this summer, and plan to meet/get autographs/possible voice recordings from Rebecca Shoichet, Tabitha St Germain, Kazumi Evans, Nicole Oliver, Britt Mckillip, Maryke Hendrikse, and Diana Kaarina. I was wanted to ask if anyone here has met any of these people, and if so what was your experience like?
  7. Top 4 choices: 1. Richard Dawkins 2. Donald Trump 3. Harry Osborn from the Spectacular Spider-Man 4. The people who cancelled the Spectacular Spider-Man
  8. As a Muslim, I would like to say thank you for the wishes, and I wish a happy Eid to all of my brothers/sister celebrating today. To everyone else I hope you have an amazing day.
  9. As a huge Sonic fan, I wouldn't mind seeing this crossover happen, granted if it was done well, but with some of the writing in the Sonic games recently, I would prefer it was a comic. I can understand the concern some of you have, but I wouldn't throw it out of the window just yet.
  10. The Flash against Quicksilver is like pitting a wooden slingshot against a nuclear bomb. I knew the Flash would win the second they announced it, and while watching it, the Flash's feats made Quicksilver's seem really lame. It was still fun as I love anything related with super-speed characters.
  11. Well I would probably say the best form of life is living it in accordance with what Aristotle taught, the intellect(Twilight Sparkle). But even from this perspective I wouldn't say Pinkie Pie is wasting her talent on banal things as by her actions as I would argue that in doing so she practices/learns certain Aristotelian virtues such as temperance as many times throughout the show(Too many Pinkie Pie's, Baby cakes) she learns that she is overdoing it on having fun, and should tone it down to the appropriate level( in accordance with reason). Also her desire to spread friendship with everyone would also be admirable as friendship for Aristotle is essential for happiness, and Pinkie aims to befriend people not because they give her pleasure, but because she desires the best for them even if they don't align with her worldview(her refusal to prank Fluttershy, and desire to befriend Cranky), which is the highest form of friendship for Aristotle. But this was a very interesting read.
  12. Preach. 13 Xehanort clones? It's interesting but most of them are people we already know so you're right about the lazy part. Well in any case for my story I've been thinking about these for the plot points. 1. Twilight is transported to the world of Equestria Girls but instead of a normal highschool, it's an academy for fighting like in RWBY. 2. Twilight arrives with her weapon but doesn't know how to use it properly. 3. The Mane Six have special abilities with their weapons but it's not magic which will factor in later. 4.Their will be a fight between some of the Mane Six. 5. The story also plans to adapt Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games but the Friendship games will have more original content and include a special appearance of someone, but no spoilers. What do you guys think?
  13. You're my new best friend. Nice Ideas everyone. These ideas are really creative. To spice things up a bit, what weapons do you figure the Dazzlings or the Shadowbolts would have? For me it would go like this: Adagio: Double bladed curved sword Aria:Claws Sonata: Multiple(10?)Throwing knives Shadowbolts: Sunny Flare: Chain whip Sour Sweet: Bow and Arrow(lazy I know) Lemon Zest: Pair of nunchaku Sugarcoat: Bo staff Indigo Zap: Tonfa