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  1. I miss my bliss and self-confidence, as well as my physical strength. The burden of responsibility is coming down hard now, and a couple months back I was diagnosed with anxiety. When I was young I could fall on hard ground (like from my scooter or from tripping) and get up no problem. Now, if I fell, I'd likely be black and blue-bruised and have a hundred bones shattered (I get a few mental scares of that occasionally).
  2. I sing softly to whatever nasheeds (Islamic music) I find catchy on my Walkman.
  3. I was never into romance really - I actually loathed that genre of entertainment. Then I found MLP and had a crush on Princess Luna
  4. Never. Any photo of a person online can and will be used against them. To understand more, read up about doxxing. It's on the rise, especially in a world where harassment and murder occur over mere opinions posted on the web.
  5. Probably the most reliable car on this thread V6 or V8?
  6. For me it's typically my phone, my keys, and a wallet (if I intend to make any purchases). And don't forget those earbuds and my little Walkman!
  7. I honestly don't have one, but I'm trying to walk long distances more often. A skateboard would help a lot and make being outside more fun - if only I had balance and muscle memory to control it.
  8. Many of the super-talented - the OGs if you will - got into MLP and used it as a way to kickstart their career and give themselves a name in their creative field (musicians, artists, animators, etc.). However once they've reached their peak, MLP begins to be a little boring and unprofessional and so they either keep MLP on the side as non-professional stuff, while non-MLP work is presented as the full potential of what they can do. Music examples include Evening Star, The Living Tombstone, Sim Gretina, and others. Animation examples include Duo Cartoonist - in fact their announcement
  9. Pizza Pizza all the way - I even have their app. Halal shawarma joints are also a favorite.
  10. Fun fact: I did roleplay - but only once. It was back in 2017 when the first screencaps of the MLP movie were released. I set the one below as my Disqus avatar and on a Equestria Daily Nightly Discussion I roleplayed as Queen Novo. And... quite a lot of ppl liked it. However, I'm still not really into RP. That was one exception where I felt that impersonating a character in a chat room would be something new and interesting.


  11. I do it about once a week. Sometimes I forget and 8 days go day. Worst case was two weeks I think. Speaking of which I need to get a new CONAIR. My current one I've had for almost 5 years and it still runs - though the battery lasts only one-and-a-third head-shave periods. (and that's after a 16-hour charging session)
  12. I can't even recall. The non-stop loud chatting of my sisters about anime past 1 am is probably one of them.
  13. I eat chocolate as part of deserts occasionally. I love it, but I don't eat a lot of it. Don't wanna be diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2!
  14. Build a resume, find a job, earn some $$$!
  15. Too many to count that would fall into such a category. One was when I found out the truth that I couldn't stand or balance on a skateboard for the life of me. I was so depressed that day - it took a while for me to "get back up" again.
  16. Tempest's story after the movie's events will unfold in the IDW comics - Edition #67 Tempest's Tale! GET READY - IT DROPS JUNE 30th! Here are some sneak previews:
  17. I played "King of Pride Rock" (the 4:21 mark onwards) as I hit "submit" on the last of my final exams. FINALLY FREE
  18. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Guess that car!

    99% close. It's a '67 Shelby GT500KR convertible.
  19. Anonymous Old User Who Has Left

    Guess that car!

    Yes it's a mustang but what specific type? Can you guess?
  20. You're somewhat close. Mississauga, Ontario. House sold for $8.8M in 2016.
  22. You need to watch The Jungle Book 2016. "live action" can mean realistic-looking animals in 3D, not just real-life footage.
  23. I've had some long-term thoughts on investing (saving) money over the course of 4-6 years to get a vehicle of my own. Ones like these retail used in my area for around $15-25k. Should I get one?


  24. So in the past two years I've noticed Disney seems to be on a roll with a modern revolution. Instead of coming up with new fascinating, original ideas, they have decided to revive old iconic classics and remake them in live-action format, with voice casts featuring new and old members (given how some older ones have died and child voice actors are now adults with deeper voices). Some will stick stitch-by-stitch to the original movie's storyline, while others will be spinoffs or reboots centered around one character. Honestly I'm not sure how to feel about this. Given the incredible new techn
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