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  1. I personally feel really proud of it :3, please tell me what do you think! for more art of mine, please visit http://xsidera.deviantart.com
  2. That's one lovely OC You have :3

    1. Sidera


      thank you so much ^^

  3. Sidera

    Post your OC!

    all my OCs, who's your favourite? -3- http://sta.sh/21259lpiswa2?edit=1
  4. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    A commission for [user=datbashy] commission are open!
  5. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    Thank you so much, dear, this means a lot^^
  6. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    To all my followers, you should check out my new commission chart, I'll be back in business the 15th of july ^^ https://mlpforums.com/topic/146288-cookies-commissions-update-with-5-usd-type/#entry4594103
  7. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    gniiii, thank you so much fir this comment, it really, really makes me happy <3
  8. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    Oh hai! Glad to see you again and thank you so much <3 I've also forgot three pictures that I'll post here <3
  9. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    Hi guys, long time we don't see! I got bumped out of my account, but I'm finally back on business! stay tuned because I'll reopen commissions really soon! meanwhile, here's some artworks I've made during my absence C:
  10. I'm back guys!

  11. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    It's not a coke pony, she's an equine galore pony (a semi open species). The concept is quite the same anyway XD Thank you! well, digital takes me like two three hours, a traditional sketch about five minutes ^^ Another Silhouette, this is for a birthday. if you are instrested in getting one of this please, consider to commission me!
  12. Sidera

    Cookie's Art

    glad you like them <3 a trade with a deviantart user, Pinipy.
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