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  1. Mine! Name: Luna Age: I'll only reveal it to trustees <3 Gender: Female Country: England Likes: Shipping Hetalia with myself, anime, drawing because why not, Arthur Kirkland ;_; Dislikes: Homophobes, anti-Bronies (If you don't like it, fair enough, but don't you DARE try to attack somebody because they watch it) Hobbies: Drawing, watching anime marathons, GARDENING <3 Other Info: I watch so much anime! I also love those Cadbury chocolate fingers <3
  2. I love Teto! Her songs are nice but her robotic voice isn't the best of all VOCALOIDS and UTAU. Rin sang Tokyo teddy bear better for me though
  3. Gawd, it's a freaking font. Nothing more nothing less. Is it really such an affair for the Bros? Wow
  4. As it's confirmed that Earthies can communicate with creatures and wildlife better (Excluding non Earth ponies like Fluttershy) Pegasi can use the clouds.. Unicorns like Rarity can only really use levitation unlike the Alicorns (Who aren't here I assume because they're a mix) who are extremely powerful. I'd go for Unicorns though because you could expand your abilities if ya tried