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  1. well i am what i am dont like it, dont care lol tyty, least you get what i mean, im not copy and paste thing i took time to think hard on her and her story as well. <3 but people like above, is why i left as well. tyty x3 thanks ^^ feel free to doodle her ahytime ^^ thanks a million, i used to be here alot, so eh, ill pass by time and time again <3
  2. So, im thinking of coming back, would that be a good idea? i dunno what the brony lands is like, but im seeking to open myself back to a place i may be more welcome and make more friends with interests like mine.. left for a good 2-3 years, so unsure what i should do..
  3. so, should i come back? or ... no..

    1. Totally Huey

      Totally Huey

      Elemental Moon, now there's a name I haven't heard in ages. Welcome back! :D

  4. my bird, just add googly eyes.. perrrrrfect .... :v


  5. you know, i need to get an arts with the slithery one :v got an artist in mind if you like from here :3? would love to get something, you can get w/e with elly you like just let me know and ill get it done =D just miss talking and miss our weird rps xP 

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      thank you for this very kind offer. :)

      If you give me some time, i will think up somethiing that i could do to you. ;)

      When it comes to RPing, i must say that i don't RP so much lately. We can do it at some point sure. But right now, i am in the middle of writing my own fanfic.

    2. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      i understand :3 readd my skype itd alphatweet can poke me there ^^

  6. i has a special badge, i love it so much xD;;; <3


  7. i know you somehow, but.. from where...

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    2. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      heartfire, and hes a very bad person.. manipulating and abusive.. its a long story

    3. Kyoshi


      Ooooh, I think I might remember that. :| Was a long while back.

    4. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      aye, all in all he was not a good person o.x 3 years of my life was a living hell with him here... glad to be away from it..

      look on skype

  8. SING IT WITH ME! "Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows!" :v



    1. Snow


      Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!

    2. Elemental Moon
  9. @Dark Horse tyty and hope it helpes me too :3 hope maybe we can chat ^^ seem like a fun pony to know <3
  10. tyty everyone for the welcome, hope to meet many and know more about mlp :3
  11. Hello everypony, how is it going? :3

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    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus


      but all around ok 


    3. JonasDarkmane



      Hope yer recovering has been going well 

    4. Zachary


      I'm doing Great, Thanks!

  12. Hello, im known as Elemental Moon and yes, im an alicorn.. but dont make the blahblah comments "alicorn OP OP" trust me, till you know moonmoon, dont judge lol. i just see myself as an alicorn, not anything else, its just who i am, and i for sure am no mary sue lol. anyways, i come from a past, everyone has one, lets not bring it up much eh? im here to show who i am now and start new, help support and help everyone i can and be myself.. i just got out of a very bad and controlling/abusive relationship and hoping to start someplace.. so forgive me if im a bit skittish on trusting u
  13. Hello everyone, how are you? wondering if its worth wile to come here, anyone maybe willing to game or talk on skype? bored lol, note im 28 so if you add me on skype plz be 18+ ok? my skype is theburdnurd :3 post here to chat too if you like =D

  14. anyone willing or able to join with me and my hubby Heartfire =D?
  15. Who thinks of me as a bad person? just wondering.. and be honest, if this is true, i wanna fix it ><

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    2. Kenshiro


      I wish i can see you here as soon as possible,Ok?


    3. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      aye, im into a game, and may post about it.. kinda wanna invite many people with a refer a friend link to get help getting a mount as well as add friends to it, if i can anyways.. would make me happy lol its a free to play game too

    4. Kenshiro


      İ am very glad to hear it :))

      İ think this is a very special place

  16. DELETE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADBAD SITE!!! adding this cuz i cant post without making manymany words .3.
  17. anyone up to poke around CS:GO with my hubby for a bit? just like 30 mins tops.

  18. Can do it on paper silly filly
  19. tyty ^^ hope others come see =< i dunno where else to post >< no one seems to pay any mind to blogs here =<
  20. -sneaks behind and tickles your sides- HA, GOT YOU >3

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    2. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      hehe, sounds interesting, how many are there like you?

    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      I don't know. I never met one in perssssssson. They are kinda rare.

    4. Elemental Moon

      Elemental Moon

      hehe, hope one day to meet as many as i can ^^ you are, by far my fav and always will be <3 hehe

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