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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. This is what I have been doing in my spare time on Second Life.
  4. Tryig to stay more active in the forum

    1. Riganthor


      is there something making you less active?

    2. PiratePony


      Hey! How you been?

  5. Jackie Holloway

    Critique Wanted My Very First PMV

    With myself being a big Pinkie Pie fan I felt compelled to making a tribute video . I hope you like this and as always ... enjoy.
  6. Jackie Holloway

    Critique Wanted My Very First PMV

    I just want to say that although i not only enjoyed making them, but enjoy watching the prior PMV's. I do admit I have taken quite a liking to the on Shine Like Rainbows Tribute video the most right now. That inspired me to make another video on more of a dance type song. With that being said please enjoy.
  7. Jackie Holloway

    Critique Wanted My Very First PMV

    I want to thank you for the most honest critique I have heard so far. As far as credits I don't worry to much about it I mainly make videos as a hobby, and until they say something I just keep doing what I do. As far as the latest being Shines Like Rainbows Tribute I don't think anyone even notice that the music is exactly the ending music and sound effects in Rainbow Rocks. I had to pick certain scenes from MLP that fit as close as possible. I do admit that I get lucky on the timing in my videos at times. For the most part I really just enjoy making them. I do make the videos in 480p only for
  8. There are what its called "Avatars" that you can get that's depending on what you want to look like. Then of course you can mod it to your liking. In my non mlp art thread i may take some more snaps of my different avi's Thank you again for the compliment btw. * BH *
  9. This morning I will be taking some photos on Second Life MLP sim. It is the 3rd Ann Hearts and Hooves Day, and proud to be able to cover photography. This is just one of me and ghostrider getting it the scene as Photo Finish always.
  10. Strumming my 6 string

  11. I want to stop and say thank you for the positive feed back that means allot. If anyone has any ideas and/or suggestions on what you would like me to take a photo of by all means just send me a pm. Thanks in advance : ^ ('\ (high hoof)
  12. The below photo was taken in my photo studio of my shark avi. This photo was actually taken at a mlp simulator ( sim) with a friend ( on right ) This shot was taken on location at a sim on Second Life. There are no backdrops what so ever, and the lighting is all apart of the area. The invisible platform I am on is actually a dance floor. The cloud are just rotating to create an illusion.
  13. My daughter is asking when i am going to make another video.

  14. Had trouble linking yt channel, so I just put one of my videos as a link. You can easily navigate from there.

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    2. Jackie Holloway

      Jackie Holloway

      yes even using different tabs on my channel

    3. Jackie Holloway

      Jackie Holloway

      I'll work on it some more when i get back home. Time to do my weekly grocery shopping.

    4. Jackie Holloway

      Jackie Holloway

      @ PiratePony

      That didn't work either, but I thank you for trying ... BBS

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