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  1. "All I want is a girl who dislikes the same things I do," -Me
  2. *gets four kills in a row as Roadhog* *Bastion gets PotG*

    1. Monsoon


      Overwatch logic

    2. Kyoshi


      Bastion and Torbjorn, worst two heroes in the game.

    3. Vulcan


      Better bBastion than Torby, his PoTG are always him smashing a hammer for 10 seconds -_-

  3. @@Stardust*, Ballpoint began heading to the train station, and took out her notepad as she walked. "So, Stardust, what can you tell me about the forbidden Jungle? Oh, and I'm Ballpoint by the way." She wasn't familiar with the Forbidden Jungle, and if she was going into what was likely dangerous territory, it seemed best to get any information she could on it.
  4. @@Stardust*, Ballpoint was a bit surprised that all she had to do was show the coin and Stardust was suddenly ready to go, but she supposed that she had some sort of relationship with Daring Do. "Daring said that the thugs are probably headed to the Forbidden Jungle. I hope you know where that is," said Ballpoint.
  5. @@Stardust*, "Hi, I'm Ballpoint, Canterlot Press, and I'm guessing you're Stardust. Daring Do told me to find you. She was hurt by some thugs working for somepony named Cavalleron, and she said that they had stolen some sort of Yak artifact from her. Here, she wanted me to show you this." Ballpoint showed Stardust the coin she had been given.
  6. @, "Th' Appleoosa Buster here is a four-gauge. Most of th' parts are custom, and it's a real beauty. It's got one helluva kick, and bein' on th' business end of it ain't pleasant," said Redwood. She purposefully glossed over what Agririon had brought up from her past, as she didn't care too much that he knew.
  7. @, "Yeah? And what job might that be?" asked Redwood. She was significantly less equipped than Agririon. Aside from her prized shotgun, Redwood had her tactical vest, which would afford her some protection. In addition, she used it to store plenty of ammo, a few grenades, and a combat knife. Redwood was simply an earth pony too, and thus had nothing in the way of abilities.
  8. @@Stardust*, Ballpoint simply nodded before walking off to find Stardust's observatory, which she doubted would be very difficult. It seemed a little unbelievable that seemingly by chance, Ballpoint had stumbled upon a huge story like this. Whether things turned out good or bad, the story was sure to make the front page, and would no doubt be seen all over Equestria. Disregarding how it would massively boost her career, Ballpoint felt as though recovering the artifact was the right thing to do. After a fairly brief walk, she reached the observatory and knocked on the door. Hopefull
  9. @@Stardust*, "Okay, I have one last question if you're able to answer it: do you know of anypony who could help me find the ponies that stole the artifact or find the artifact itself?" Ballpoint knew a bit about Cavalleron. The Canterlot Press was a large and influential newspaper after all, and it had covered the treasure hunter in the past.
  10. @@Stardust*, "Daring, you gotta stay with me. Any information you got could be vital to finding these guys. Now, do you have any idea of who they might have been working for?" While she may not have been a detective, Ballpoint could chase a lead just as well as one. Figuring out who she was up against would be vital, and Ballpoint just hoped Daring had some idea.
  11. @@Stardust*, Ballpoint was already writing down everything Daring Do said, as this material was just as good, if not better than interview with A.K. Yearling. It appeared that she had a much larger story on her hooves, and this could prove to be absolute journalistic gold. A stolen yak artifact was just too good of a scoop to pass up, and Ballpoint even had a chance to record everything firsthand. "Can you tell me anything about the ponies who stole it from you?" asked Ballpoint.
  12. @@Stardust*, Ballpoint was on her way to see A.K. Yearling for an interview for the newspaper she worked for, the Canterlot Press, and she was glad to be getting the chance to interview Daring Do herself. As she approached her remote cabin though, it appeared this wouldn't be a simple interview. When Ballpoint saw that Yearling was on the ground, she rushed over to see what had happened. "Ms. Yearling, what's going on? Do I need to get help?"
  13. Redwood's favorite is tequila and pancakes, the breakfast of champions.
  14. When your grandma comes home from grocery shopping with a bottle of Smirnoff.

  15. Redwood headed down to the arena to wait for Agririon, cracking her neck as she walked. It had been a couple months since she had last been in a real fight, but her skills were still sharp, and she had no intention of losing. Redwood knew it would be a challenge, but it was a challenge she was confident she could beat.
  16. @@Love Doctor Blaze, I was thinking that maybe someone weaponized the virus that came after the nuclear bombs, so our first mission is to get it back so it doesn't wreak havoc.
  17. @@Love Doctor Blaze, For the first mission, maybe we should be sent to recover some sort of biological weapon.
  18. @@Love Doctor Blaze, What are you brainstorming ideas for? I could lend a hand.
  19. @@Love Doctor Blaze, Is the RP going to start soon since everyone has their character?
  20. Do you like Alien, science fiction, or horror? Then check this out: https://mlpforums.com/topic/153352-alien-desperate-hope/

  21. In the wake of the incident on LV-426, fear is spreading over the newly discovered xenomorphs. Despite the groundbreaking discovery of extraterrestrial life, nobody can say whether what happened on LV-426 was an isolated incident, or if other colonies are at risk of such an attack. Various governments are unsure of what to do to ensure something like it never happens again, but it unfortunately may already have. Vallarta Station, an isolated luxury resort for the upper class, has gone dark. Due to its extremely exclusive nature, little to no information about what has happened is available
  22. Okay, so my Journalism teacher was telling us about the last fight he was in, and he said that when he was 21, some guy was talking to his girlfriend, so he took a swing at him, but missed, fell down the stairs, and dislocated his shoulder.

  23. @@Fractured, "Th' name's Redwood. Ah'm fightin' Agririon." She couldn't help but wonder what sort of name Agririon was. It certainly wasn't like any Redwood had heard before, but she knew that plenty of odd ponies came to this town. As Redwood waited for the stallion to fill out the information, she idly sipped from her flask. A drink was always welcome, and it was a handy time waster too.
  24. @@Fractured, She had been here for barely five minutes, but Redwood already had a fight on her hooves. Agririon certainly looked intimidating, but Redwood wasn't deterred by appearances alone. After grabbing a quick snack from a street vendor, she headed down to the registration desk. "Excuse me, ah'd like register a fight," said Redwood to the pony at the desk.
  25. @@J.R., So is there some office or something that I should say Redwood went to so she could register the the fight?
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