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  1. Hehe, thanks! I had a lot of fun drawing it >3<
  2. Oh, right lol. Expect a lot of moments like these from me......I'm kinda the Ultimate Idiot XD
  3. Hehe, if I can get my hands on a tablet, then I would XP
  4. Yeah, I thought of doing that, since I only recently started outlining in pen
  5. Thank chu elly! Rainbow used to be my favorite too, but I started liking Pinkie Pie more because I started Roleplaying characters that were energetic as fuck, and it was fun as all hell. :3
  6. Lol I would say it's pretty simple, but it takes a lot of effort to make it work. Ehh, I just call it a doodle because I decided to do a drawing instead of paying attention
  7. Heh, thanks very much! The eyes still look off too me, and I can't seem to get them right and its pissing me off ;-;
  8. I did a little Rarity doodle in Social Studies I'm still in Social Studies XP
  9. Elly helped me with the design and I love it! >3<