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  1. Glad to help you. Yeah, I've spent a lot of time in the music side of the fandom and your description narrowed it down pretty well
  2. I'll take a guess.
  3. StealingShad3z
  4. When I think of a pony mashup I think of this one - There was an artist named Psycosis that did mashups - also, there's another named Biff0r I recall doing vocaloid mashups back then which some I really like, like this one -
  5. Hey, um Mercury. If you're planning on still using Wonderbolt Radio may I contribute some of my collection? I have a pretty large one as I've been keeping track of the fandom's metal/rock. Some of it might be a little light instead of hard rock though if that's a problem.
  6. Hehe thank you. Just takes a lot of writing practice. I used to be able to write without looking directly at the paper. Was a fun excercise in school. It'd be momentary though. Not all the time XD. That would be cool without going off the line.
  7. Here's mine I uh tried to write a sentimental thing at the end there with the mane 6 yeah.
  8. I mostly listen to the fandom's metal and rock. Here's one by Dethonator I like - Here's some others - This one has Japanese lyrics ^
  9. Yeah, I came across him before at some point. Thank you for reminding me. Added to the list. It's nice giving these guys more exposure what with the huge electronic side of the fandom. Though, the only radio I know of that streams that is wonderbolt radio and they don't have nearly enough variety for me so I pretty much created my own list I can listen to.
  10. I figured I'd post this here just in case anyone is interested. I keep a list of a lot of metal and rock I've found in the fandom. Some of it I found with google's search operators. If anyone finds any more obscure stuff feel free to let me know. Reason I ask is cause I'm noticing stuff disappearing from the internet and would like to archive them if possible. >
  11. I remember traveling across some desert terrain until I came across a castle. I remember clashing sword on sword with someone. In a throne room. I think I remember Rainbow Dash dive kicking him and engaging him in battle with me. I don't remember if I defeated the adversary but suddenly an ocean came out of nowhere and devoured the desert. Now what happens next is I changed pov to Rainbow Dash. I don't remember what happened to me. The castle was being submerged and she jumps out a window as water was rushing in. I remember the other mane 6 were there for some reason and retreated down in the castle. She tried to get her wings dried off while resting on a rock and took off into the sky. I saw nothing but ocean everywhere. She landed on a cloud and stayed there for a moment. I eventually woke up after that. The next one is me in Luna's pov. She was at a beach with other ponies playing in the sand. She wanted to play with them but they were afraid of her. I remember her feeling so lonely as she stared at the others playing. She just ended up kicking a beach ball around. She then took off into the air. Another one was me traveling into another dimension with others. We eventually found a playground but I remember there was a monster there picking us off one by one. I ran away. For some odd reason I found myself back at the labs where I went into the portal to get into the dimension. The monster was chasing me there as well. And then I found myself in the dimension again. The last thing I remember was staring into Twilight's eyes as she stared into mine. When I awoke I had this feeling that she was trying to save us from something else by killing us. Strange dream. Twilight was a human fyi.
  12. I believe I know which one it is. Here.
  13. This track has always been my favorite and I don't think that's going to change. I really like it. I also like listening to metal in the fandom.
  14. Ska eh? Then I'm sure you've heard of J. Carlson. I have some other stuff to share. There's probably more out there if you look hard.
  15. I remember Wheller's Bonds of Eternity over on where I read it. It was a pretty crazy story. Through a Glass Darkly and Silent Ponyville were interesting as well. I think my favorite would be The Severing because it got me into reading mlp fanfics. Ah, I just remembered the alternate ending story to cupcakes too. That was a good one.