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  1. Jest (Inactive)

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    @, Maybe a bit of both!
  2. Jest (Inactive)

    Web Help with video streaming

    Downlaod a program called OBS, create an account on picarto. Follow a tutorial on how to link OBS and Picarto, it is pretty easy. If you want multiple people to be heard on the stream then while streaming with OBS and getting your picarto set up, host a skype group call so everyone watching your stream can see your screen and hear the conversation.
  3. Jest (Inactive)

    General Do you still sleep with a plushie?

    No but I would if I had one <3
  4. Jest (Inactive)

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    I would lean more towards conservative.
  5. Jest (Inactive)

    What was the last food you ate?

    Just some chicken and mayo <3
  6. Jest (Inactive)

    Gaming What's your favorite video game?

    At the moment it would have to be GTA 5 online <3
  7. Jest (Inactive)

    Do you feel lonely at times

    I think I have gotten to the point of being so used to it, it's just normality, which actually is a good thing x3
  8. Jest (Inactive)

    General What are you good at?

    I am decent at art and gaming? What amazing talents I have x3
  9. Jest (Inactive)

    Do you post pics of yourselves online?

    Looking like I do currently, hell naw! Maybe in a couple of years or so x3
  10. Jest (Inactive)

    Web What are your other tabs right now?

    Just my little pony forums and youtube
  11. Jest (Inactive)

    Do you have a special somepony?

    Still single, but have a strange crush on my housemate :T
  12. Jest (Inactive)

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    No, I don't see a need for them to know.
  13. Jest (Inactive)

    General Do you think Trump is bad?

    Politically is he good, no I think his policies are terrible. Do I like his personality? I think he is freaking hilarious.
  14. Jest (Inactive)

    General Can you handle alcohol?

    Not very well, I can take a few pints before I feel totally blitzed x3
  15. Jest (Inactive)

    "HasCon" Potential Threat to Fan conventions?

    I think quite simply, if they are within their rights to host their own Con's as well as well as take down other con's which could be seen as using trademarked / copyrighted goods then that's all that needs to be said.