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  1. Most people I know, know that I enjoy MLP. Pretty open about it.
  2. Absolutely a fan of Fluttershy. I always find her episodes amusing. There is not much more I can say that has not already been said about her. So, I will simply say "Yellow pony is best pony".
  3. 1) Hurricane Fluttershy - It starred Fluttershy. Really hard to beat that! 2) Iron Will - Made me laugh VERY hard. 3) Of course I did.
  4. I am playing Tom Clancy's new Beta. It sucks hard.
  5. I wanted musicals and I got them. Whole episode gets a plus from me. Only complaint, needs more Fluttershy!
  6. Hopefully they will get S2 shortly after the conclusion. I doubt it, but you never know.
  7. Atheist. I believe in facts above all else. It really is just that simple an explaination.
  8. It's disgusting and ranks right up there with cockfighting. There is a reason it's illegal in most of the cultured world.
  9. Is it Overrated? Yeah. Do I get a kick out of it because I find it legitimately funny? Yeah.
  10. I always choose my name to be self-descriptive. Just a long standing habit.
  11. - Wake Up - Grab Xbox Controller - Grab Headset - Start Day
  12. I love RPG's. Specifically J-RPG's. That being said, no love for the Tales series??? Tales of Vesperia convinced me of how awesome J-RPG's are.
  13. Banned for mentioning the evil corporation Apple!