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Everything posted by TheXboxBrony

  1. Most people I know, know that I enjoy MLP. Pretty open about it.
  2. Absolutely a fan of Fluttershy. I always find her episodes amusing. There is not much more I can say that has not already been said about her. So, I will simply say "Yellow pony is best pony".
  3. 1) Hurricane Fluttershy - It starred Fluttershy. Really hard to beat that! 2) Iron Will - Made me laugh VERY hard. 3) Of course I did.
  4. I am playing Tom Clancy's new Beta. It sucks hard.
  5. I wanted musicals and I got them. Whole episode gets a plus from me. Only complaint, needs more Fluttershy!
  6. Hopefully they will get S2 shortly after the conclusion. I doubt it, but you never know.
  7. Atheist. I believe in facts above all else. It really is just that simple an explaination.
  8. It's disgusting and ranks right up there with cockfighting. There is a reason it's illegal in most of the cultured world.
  9. Is it Overrated? Yeah. Do I get a kick out of it because I find it legitimately funny? Yeah.
  10. I always choose my name to be self-descriptive. Just a long standing habit.
  11. - Wake Up - Grab Xbox Controller - Grab Headset - Start Day
  12. I love RPG's. Specifically J-RPG's. That being said, no love for the Tales series??? Tales of Vesperia convinced me of how awesome J-RPG's are.
  13. Banned for mentioning the evil corporation Apple!
  14. I check the "Everfree Forest" the most. I love OT forum sections.
  15. Can't say I am much of a fan of self-help books, even less so for e-books. Hopefully you get lucky soon man.
  16. Sorry man, cannot say I would get behind such an idea. That was something I honestly wish I could unwatch.
  17. Just checking in here to show the MIAMI MARLINS some love! Here's to hoping the Miami Stadium experiment works well enough to keep my favorite team where they belong!
  18. Oh, is this a flamebait thread if ever I have seen one! That said, kudos to the community so far for handling it well. I, like others in this thread, will remain civil in my disagreement. Yellow pony is best pony. I do enjoy RD's time on the show though.
  19. Voted Fluttershy. I mean, in a contest of cute and adorable how could it NOT be Fluttershy?
  20. Welcome folks. I am TheXboxBrony and I look forward to adding MLP:FiM to the long list of forums I have spent good time. A little background: - I am a veteran forum runner from,, Nihonomaru, Roosterteeth and the now extinct Xbox Nation - I spend 25-30 hours a week on the Xbox on games such as Battlefield and Mass Effect (Though J-RPG's are my favorite) - I am a fan of Fluttershy I look forward to getting to know you all more over the coming months.