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Status Updates posted by 95% Chance

  1. Man I really need more people to RP with. Add me on steam or Discord!

    1. 95% Chance

      95% Chance

      Or hell, just PM me if you don't want the aforementioned methods.

  2. Haha! Finally got around to making a banner for two characters.

  3. Luna is overrated.

  4. Happy Decemberween, dweebs!


  6. Props to Great Britain leaving the EU, I can always appreciate some independence earned through democracy.

    1. Golbez


      So why is everyone in Britain panicking then?

    2. Dsanders


      It was a close tie. With 52% to 48%. The protesters likely make up that 48%. Not everyone is panicking and but it seems the 48% are the ones raging in the streets about it.

  7. You ever just get that gut feeling that something is off? Or that something is wrong somewhere, but can't quite place it? Is there a word for that?

  8. I'm glad I'm on break from Uni right now, or I'd be really ashamed of accidentally co-oping Resident Evil 5 until 7AM. Now I'm just ashamed in general!

  9. Cookie butter is a gift to humanity and I'm sad I've never had it til now.

  10. Can someone recommend me a good audiobook?


  12. I feel like the new avatar is gonna surprise some people.

  13. FEEEEEEELINGSSSSSSSS!!!! Man, it's good to know that a work of art can still stir these old tear ducts into action. Time to eat barbed wire or something to get back my mandollars.

    1. Varrack


      What work of art do you speak of?

  14. FINALLY got around to adding the second member of the brotherly duo to the EQE character pool. Feels good.

  15. Cuts on the inside of my mouth making everything I eat as if I'm sucking down barbed wire. Thanks body.

  16. Fallout; Equestria is both unoriginal and far too long to be worth reading. Length of a written piece is not a selling point, it's padding and proof that the author can't succinctly make ideas known.

    1. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      I found the characters to be very believable and enjoyed it the entire way through - that it didn't outstay its welcome is testament to how appealing I found it. It may be that its length makes it unappealing to some, but I did enjoy having something to sink my teeth into. Each to their own though.


      I agree that it's unoriginal in that it has very little new original content, but it works with the obvious references very well and in a way I found unpredictable.

  17. Finally got around to all my RP replies. Time for sleep! At... 7AM

  18. Well, I can safely say it was a refreshing trip down memory lane beating Metroid Prime again. Still holds up!

  19. And a happy Hearts and Hooves Day to you, and you, and you, and you, and you. I love all of you~

  20. Back from class, gonna get some posts up, play some vidya and relax.

    1. Kyoshi


      Vidya games, that is what I am gonna do soon. :3

  21. HIgh chance that I'll be moving to Vancouver soon to transfer colleges. Boy it'll be fun to be out of the states!

  22. Thinking about starting up an XCOM 2 playthrough, recording it, and using some screen names from the forums as soldiers, any thoughts?

  23. I am the best Commander ever, disregard the list of casualties.