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  1. So at first i thought it was just about fnaf4, even though the connections were vaigue. then i saw someone analyze it, now i see it's a frustration, or vent, song about the fandoms he's been in, including mlp. So tell me what you guys thing about it.
  2. steelhoof

    Ask Me #1

    Yeah, i figured a good way to reach out to the community as well as improve myself and my character is to let you guys ask me questions. i'll take all, and the best ones i'll make into a video. you may ask me or my newest associate, Tails Doll 2.0. feel free and ask away! Link to T.D.2:
  3. My first Retrospect Video! this one's about fluttershy's dream and the Walk
  4. Yeah, i'm taking up some data. so, how many reviewers can you name, how did you find them, and how often do you watch them?
  5. steelhoof

    how tall are ponies?

    so i have pondered this question for a while. How big do you think the ponies are compaired to humans? I've thought about it for a while, and i want to know what y'all think.
  6. steelhoof

    Where is Equestria?

    What about an alternate dimension? that is sort of implied with the Equestia Girls world, isn't it?