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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. so im catching up with mlp starting from the latest season finale to the its season premiere


    did they just put a kid in literally hell

    1. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      More wondering how and why the chimera and cockatrice ended up in there....

      (looks not particularly hellish, just boring as hay for the inmates)

  3. i actually only got contact with RPGs when i was like, 9 or 10, and by then my english was already decent enough for me to understand everything they said so while RPGs in general didnt help me, games in general helped me a lot with learning english (also, google translate helped tbh) i remember being a little kid and translating every single word that came before "man" in the megaman series' robot masters (and never getting a definite translation for "splash woman")
  4. meep meep

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      CypherHoof 🐎

      <fx: paints tunnel on wall and runs though it>

  5. @Blitz Boom Stingler waited as Onache walked off, and looked around him. There weren't any ponies really caring about him or what just happened. Considering he had nothing better to do, the Changeling decided to just follow Onache, though she was off his sight right now. However, he could see the house she mentioned, now that he had to stretch his vision out a bit. And thats exactly where he began to walk to.
  6. After a few minutes of looking for things in hier workshop, Scribble found everything he needed. Blank papers, his pencil, a normal quill and feather, and a candle. He stored them all in a bag. Before flying off, he noticed newspaper on one of the shelves. The pegasus used to keep all newspapers with the Marble Horns comics, though he stopped doing so after the comic also stopped. But maybe it would be usefull, and thats why he grabbed them too. Now all he had to do was waiting for nighttime, though it would take quite some time. He decided to fly back to the plaza, and wait for night there. He knew exactly which bench he sat on- that was his favorite bench, after all- and got back into it right after arriving. The newspaper was still there.
  7. So, Celestia is a pretty strong Alicorn, being the Alicorn of sun and all, and having enough power to control both the sun and the moon, and also to be able to banish her sister to the moon. She's strong. BUT, what if I told you that Twilight might become stronger than her? Twlight is the princess of friendship. And friendship is also a strong, if not stronger kind of magic than Celestia's magic. The Elements of Harmony were able to do pretty big things, such as reverting Nightmare Moon, banishing Tirek and turning Discord into stone, all of which Celestia has done in the past. So friendship is a pretty strong kind of magic considering that the Elements of Harmony, which seems to get power from it, are able to do the same things that Celestia's natural Alicorn magic does. Or, actually, not the same. More than her magic can do. The main supporting point for this is what happened to Nightmare Moon right at the first episode. Celestia banished her to the moon, and its because there was nothing more to do. Nightmare Moon wasn't willing to lower the moon and wasn't willing to become Princess Luna again. So, Celestia, using her magic, had to banish her over to the moon because that was the only option. However, Twilight and the Elements are a very different story. In the premiere, Nightmare Moon wasn't willing to lower the moon and wasn't willing to become Princess Luna again. BUT, Twilight, with the Elements and with her friendship, managed to convert Nightmare Moon. Although the elements could have had the power to send her back into the moon again, with the magical and stronger power of friendship, it turned her back. And there's also the Wendigos. They were made thanks to disharmony, aka discussing, and the only way to beat them was with friendship again. The only way to beat them was friendship because it is the strongest kind of magic. TL;DR - Friendship is the strongest magic and Twilight, as the princess of it, will become stronq.
  8. And, Scribble is back to his house, which is near the river. It was pretty big, and it is painted in sky blue. There is also a staircase over to a big cloud, that seems to be a workshop of sorts. He unlocked the door of the actual house and got in. His macaw, Squake, was sitting by the couch on the living room of the first floor. The pegasus flied over to the second floor, which was the kitchen, and grabbed his pencil, that was on the table, along with a few blank papers. He was a pretty messy stallion, so he just grabbed both of these. Right after, flied over to the third floor and then to his cloud-warehouse.
  9. By the way, I forgot to say- Scripted Scribble has a magic pencil which lets him summon things or creatures if he writes them down. However, the surface that he is writing down has to be entirely white. He can also immediately erase the things he made. Hopefully everyone is ok with it.
  10. Alright, but would he seriously considering it? Scribble began to ask himself. Sure, that would be intresting! However, if he was really going to the Everfree Forest, he needed to get the things needed for a proper exploration. Like, a candle, something to write on, and his good old magic pencil. Is the Slendermane weak to fire? Anyways. Scribble left the newspaper on the bench, and began to fly over to his house.
  11. @Blitz Boom "Not like I have any other option, right?" Stingler spoke, annoyed. For some reason the stallion walked off without any trouble or anything. It was kind of weird, actually. "So, which house are you talking about?" Stingler had no memories of a blue house on Ponyville. Then again, he barely came to this place, threfore his knowledge on it was poor.
  12. Scribble kept reading the comic-less newspaper. Witness said that a slender creature can be found at the Everfree Forest at night, and that ponies are already writing about their personal investigations on the forest. He could't help but chuckle a bit. Sure, he did enjoy supernatural stuff, but that was just plain funny. Marble Horns was nothing but a little comic about the creature. But you know, investigating too sure would't hurt. Even though it would be a waste of time.
  13. @Techno Universal @Stardust Balance @Superwholock Heres the acual RP: Also, changed the plot a little so that the series is now like a comic strip for the newspaper.
  14. OOC https://mlpforums.com/topic/170259-marble-horns/ @Techno Universal @Stardust Balance @Superwholock Scripted Scribble was sitting by a bench on Ponyville, reading the newspaper. The only real reason he was reading it was because of that small comic series- Marble Horns. it was written by two stallions and a new page of it was in the newspapers almost daily. And the main topic of it was all about a horror creature named "Slendermane". It was obviously all fantasy, though the series just...stopped. Around two weeks ago. In fact, one of the news on the newspaper was about ponies actually going to investigate the Slendermane, thinking that he was the cause for the comics to stop. But that was just stupid, Scribble would never do such...would he?
  15. Scripted Scribble