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  1. Did anyone else notice the Ben 10 references from Rainbow Dash throughout this episode series, like this scene?
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Okay, I'm just going say it. My ultimate dream girl looks like Adagio Dazzle, has the personality of Sunset Shimmer and rides a motorbike like a badass.
  4. I do but not intentionally like MLP and everytime I do, I find it disappointing. Out of Unicorns, Earth Ponies or Pegasii, which is your favourite? (Can't pick Alicorns for this question)
  5. I'd say they are. For me they're like 'secret' side stories that happens in between episodes. They're really fun to read between new episodes or seasons.
  6. In my opinion, this sort of seems like IDW almost calling out some of Hasbro's bull**** marketing style when they often marketing My Little Pony. I understand that the show was aimed at young girls but to me, it seems they often over exaggerate the characters as being 'pretty' rather than focus on the side of them that makes them awesome, which I guess in turn tells them they should just focus on being "pretty" and stuff that we clearly know doesn't help. In the comic, I noticed this similarity when Cadence saw her costume listed as "Pretty Princess" and heard what some of the filllies said about her.
  7. I have no problem at all with Flash Sentry and think he's a decent enough guy to date Twilight Sparkle. I don't think Lyra and Bon Bon would make a good ship. All of my ships so far are straight (no clue why). I still think Princess Celestia should have been Queen. I wish Hasbro would stop trying to exaggerate the show as being something incredibly girly in their marketing and when in reality, each of the ponies have an awesome side to them that Hasbro seems to keep ignoring (until Guardians of Harmony). I wish there were more stallions and other male characters that are given more importance to the story.
  8. Yeah, I don't think Guardians of Harmony is going to be a TV show but if it did, I would imagine it would just be Friendship is Magic only with a different name and more episodes like the current season premieres and finales. I don't think it would be that different anyway. Personally, I think Friendship is Magic is just fine as the series. For the record, MLP was originally aimed at young girls, as shown with most of the toys, but the show was written in a way that it appealed to other demographic and sure enough they came and now we are seeing Hasbro is recognising that MLP is something that boys can like as well, even though most of us already knew that XD.
  9. I disagree because though MLP was initially aimed at young girls, in my opinion, they've already been trying way too hard to market toward girls focussing on things that aren't exactly relevant or even canon in the show such as characters who aren't even canon not to mention the poor quality designs! It's a fact that the Mane Six are girls but it seems that Hasbro focuses on the fact they are girls rather than their real personalities and cool stuff they've done. Everytime I check out the MLP toys in a store, I find myself cringing a lot at the fact they just keep trying something that's not exactly, in my opinion, true. With Guardians of Harmony, I feel that this is a step in the right direction for Hasbro finally portraying MLP for what it is to most of us. With show accurate designed toys and better aesthetics, in this new toy line, we get to see the characters' awesome side to their personality. I would also like to point out that Guardians of Harmony is targeted towards boys AND girls which is a move I really like as the fandom is a mix of everybody. Also yes, it was called Lego Friends. Bottomline, I see it the 'Guardians of Harmony' line as Hasbro finally bringing out the true gem of the show rather than market a side of the show that isn't really there and show that My Little Pony is something to be enjoyed by everybody.
  10. I am really excited about it... But it's not on sale in my country I can't wait though. I really want to get Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich so I can ship them together like this XD
  11. I would be a unicorn if I went through the portal because I'm the type of person who would be doing a lot of building and researching so I'd need some magic to assist me.
  12. That is a question I ask myself a lot. I am a heteroromantic pansexual male. Logically speaking, the answer should be yes and I want to say yes but for some reason I have trouble seeing myself date a transgender and that makes me unsure what exactly it is about females that I like more that makes me heteroromantic.