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  1. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Glad to be here! Thank you all for your questions and have a good one!
  2. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Okay, that's adorable, not going to lie. A Three Musketeers with her, Rainbow and... uh... ah heck, Fluttershy. That would be some good reading right there.
  3. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Sounds great! Let me know how it goes or if you need any more advice.
  4. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    I agree that the first part of a long story is typically the slowest, because the first act seems to be when the story's elements have to be fleshed out. I see it like going to the park; first you have to drive there, and driving is monotonous, but you have to do it, otherwise how the heck did you get there? And once you're at the park, woo boy, it's time to have some fun! That's the way I look at it; everything takes setup and preparation. Longer fics just need more of it. I can't think of their names off the top of my head, but I liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books. The first one stands out as being very creative, and I loved how some of the greek mythological creatures were portrayed. But I think the biggest influence was the Harry Potter books. Book six in particular (The Halfblood Prince I think?). The thing that grabbed me was the introduction of an actual romance, and I thought it was handled remarkably well. And then there's a lesser known series called Deltora Quest. Quite a long series, but it was one of my favorites growing up.
  5. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    I do have some experience with crossovers, actually. (I can't seem to get into FIMfiction at this junction, so I can't link it) Nevermind! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/201239/a-king-unmatched I'm writing a Godzilla crossover, still very near and dear to my heart even if it is a side-project. The best advice I can give is to make the crossover plausible. Avoid Deus Ex Machinas like magical dimensional portals sucking characters from one world to the other out of the blue that serve no other purpose than to get the characters into Equestria so that they can have some adventures afterwards. It's been done to death, and most readers consider it something of a turn-off in my experience. Granted in Sonic's case that wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility, but always be mindful of how you would bring the two worlds together, and make it a central part of the plot. Eggman finding something similar to the mirror in Equestria Girls and tries to exploit it, for instance, would be a plausible lead in. I'm not really informed on the state of the fandom, but in my personal opinion, it's alive and well. Content is still being produced, cons are still being planned... so no, I don't think it's dying. It might hibernate a little during seasonal hiatuses, but I don't see it going away anytime soon. I for one will be a brony for life, and simply because of my experiences in this fandom. Even if it's just hanging on to a keepsake when I'm old and crotchety.
  6. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    I actually haven't had too much experience with it. Mostly movies. But I enjoy it well enough. Not a favorite, but not my least-favorite, either.
  7. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    A key when dealing with very long fics is a sense of showmanship. Chapter names, for instance, can pique a reader's interest. and a tactical use of cliffhangers. Used properly, it can tempt readers to go on because they want to know what happens next. Used improperly, however, and it can be obnoxious. As one anime fan to another, an example of obnoxious cliffhangers would be cutting away moments away from a critical moment, like a fight. Dragonball Z was notorious for doing that. It's the same concept; a cliffhanger should be both resolution and lead-in.
  8. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Those stupid romantic-comedies will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hate myself for it. And then of course I pull a complete 180 and adore Hellsing (the OVA, not the original series, what was... alright.). But if I had to pick my all-time, special favorite, it will be Azumanga Daioh, and just because my brother and I would binge watch episodes over a summer, and it was cute and whimsical and funny. Kill la Kill is up there, though. Easily second place in all-time favorites. How can you not like a show that seems to be powered by obscene levels of Rock Star and testosterone?
  9. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    The idea for my interpretations of changelings was centered on two main concepts: make them as pony-like as possible so that they aren't freaky, and make them more magical in nature than ponies. So, like fairies instead of bugs. The reasoning for the first was that I wanted them to be agreeable. Other authors have done the whole 'dark slimy caves and freaky habits' shtick, so I wanted something more benign. At the same time, I wanted them to be very magical, sort of mystical, to give them a sort of supernatural mystique. Really, though, I spent WAY too long conceptualizing my idea for what a changeling should and should not be in this case... I like Applejack a lot. I can identify with her more than any other. But I like Sunset Shimmer's background and personality (Rainbow Rocks on), and her motivation as a character is interesting. Redemption (even if a little cliched) is always a compelling angle. Most definitely. I like delving into poorly explored aspects of the show, and being a product of monster movies in my youth, I love creatures and groups outside the norm. So yes. I actually started writing a story for Griffons, and even Draconiq... Draconiqui... Discord's people, and even had ideas for Minotaurs. Ponies are great and all, but its the minority groups in the show that really intrigue me. I wish there was, I really do! In truth, though, I wanted a different name from what I typically use for gaming, which was something I created... uh... fifteen years ago? Now I feel old -- anyway! I was just casting around, trying to think of something. I tried thinking of a pony name, got too uncomfortable with it (being fresh in the fandom), and went a different route. I actually got inspired by the G-man from Halflife to try a more mysterious/sophisticated name, and when I found my chosen avatar on FIMfiction, it just sort of fell into place. Of course, when I told my real life friends what I'd picked, one of their first comments was that it sounded like a rapists name, and for months I couldn't un-know that! :=:
  10. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Oh yeah. Hardcore. And it's the most frustrating thing in the world to go through. For me, the best thing I can do is actually change gears. Go write something else. Preferably not something serious. It can be silly, raunchy, something I don't have to try really hard to do. And sometimes that works. The WORST thing I can do is sit down and think about the story. Obsessing over it and its finer details inevitably leads to brain clogs. Ask anyone with an overly analytical mind; the worst thing you can do is stew on something. Edit: Forgot my number one way to get over writer's block: Movies! Go see a good movie, something that'll engage you! Geez, how could i have forgotten that? For authors, Stephen King has grown on me. I used to be a big Jack London fan (have a complete collection of all his stories stashed away in my room). I try not to read too much, however, simply because the more I read, the more I imitate other author's styles, and that's kind of a pet peeve of mine. For the second question, actually no. Well, there was this stupid little throw away thing I did for World of Warcraft that made it two chapters, choked and died on the drawing board, and never made it to the light of day. Most everything else i've done have been originals, not counting MLP fanfics. For favorite episodes... The Royal Wedding. Hands down. Episode 100 is a close second, but the Royal Wedding really left a lasting impression on me, because it was the first time the series really demonstrated how freaking dark it could be, and epic, too. For cartoons... Ed, Edd & Eddy. It got so bad that my father actually forbid me and my brother from watching it. Basically any cartoon on Cartoon Network during the early 2000s, so Ed, Edd & Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and a guilty pleasure, Totally Spies. Don't judge me, the show was awesome! My opinion on the Chipmunks is that they have not aged gracefully and Hollywood REALLY needs to stop torturing my childhood. As for witches, leave them for the Spanish Inquisition. No one expects them.
  11. Mister Friendly

    Fandom Q+A Mister Friendly Q&A

    Honestly? The reason why I chose Applejack was kind of arbitrary. When I was sitting down, thinking of a story, the first one to pop into my head was one based on Fluttershy, not Applejack. What ultimately changed my mind was, for whatever reason, I got the phrase "irony of Applejack" stuck in my head. I liked the way it rolled off the tongue, so to speak. So, i decided to roll with it, jot some things down, and... here we are. And I had NO idea the Irony of Applejack would be as big as it turned out to be. Back then I wasn't really confident with my writing; I was self-taught, and was incredibly self-conscious about whatever I wrote, to the point that I'd minimize Word everytime someone was in the same room as me, regardless if they could see what i was doing or not. So, I was really just taking a gamble. I knew the fandom was great and had a reputation for being supportive, so I went out on a limb to see how things would go. That first day, when the results came back - top of the featured box, hundreds of favorites and ridiculously positive comments - that is still the single best day I've ever had in my life, and that's when I decided "okay, I have to do something really special with this". Well you might be surprised to find out it's actually Sunset Shimmer. I've just had a LOT more practice with writing Applejack and Rainbow Dash lines.
  12. Mister Friendly

    Poniverse Presents: Mister Friendly Q&A!

    Looking forward to it! Saturday can't get here fast enough.