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  1. Happy Brithday, Mister Friendly!

    1. Mister Friendly

      Mister Friendly

      Thank you kindly!

  2. Got a few more questions for ya on the second page of the thread; sorry, I should've told ya that new pages come up after 20 posts: https://mlpforums.com/topic/148034-mister-friendly-qa/page-2#entry4398710

  3. Why is 'The Final Countdown' suddenly stuck in my head?

  4. Hey buddy, just a few minutes till the Q&A launches; I'll link ya to it once the thread is up! :D

    1. Mister Friendly

      Mister Friendly

      Sounds good! I'll be here.

    2. Batbrony
    3. Batbrony


      BTW, do you know how to use our Multi Quote button? It won't matter right now since there's only one question up, but when multiple questions get up, it'll be real handy for answering multiple questions in one post.

  5. Lesson of the day: Punchdown tools are sharp, and thumbs are very soft

  6. Welcome to MLP Forums Mister Friendly. I hope you have a great time here /)