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Everything posted by LucyHorseThing

  1. LucyHorseThing

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    Sorry, but I only hug my pets.
  2. LucyHorseThing

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Rainbow Dash: Clouds are really uncomfortable.
  3. LucyHorseThing

    The user above you is now your waifu, what is your reaction?

    I don't know if I should freak out or if I should celebrate.
  4. LucyHorseThing

    What will you do when FiM is over?

    I would probably cry with my brony friends for a couple days, get over, but still be a fan for the rest of my life.
  5. LucyHorseThing

    Favorite Brony Songs

    Maybe "Getting Stronger" by BlackGryph0n, Michelle Creber, and Baasik.