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  1. Rainbow Diamonds

    Would you like to be immortal?

    Even though I know I'm going to hell when I die (I'm transgender and pansexual, so I have a one way ticket to hell.) I wouldn't want to be immortal.
  2. Rainbow Diamonds

    The generation three bashing needs to stop

    We have opinions. I have seen generation 3, and it sucks. Generation 1 is awesome, 2 is great, four is also great, but 3 and 3.5 are terrible. That is an opinion, and you don't tell me what I should like or dislike.
  3. Rainbow Diamonds

    Food What is your favorite vegetable(s) to eat?

    My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I like other vegetables like carrots, celery, potatoes, etc., but broccoli is my favorite.
  4. Rainbow Diamonds

    General What do you think of this concept of "waifus"

    I have a crush on Rainbow Dash, but I have a girlfriend. My girlfriend knows about my crush on Rainbow and has a crush on Octavia. We sometimes talk about our crushes. If Rainbow Dash was real, I wouldn't leave my girlfriend for her. I would just hope Rainbow is open to polyamory. My girlfriend and I are.
  5. I like them. I wouldn't say some of the G1 episodes are exactly heartwarming... but I still love them. I thought I wouldn't like Pony Tales, but I was surprised.
  6. Rainbow Diamonds

    Which of The mane 6 has had the saddest or hardest childhood?

    I read the Rarity and Babs Friends Forever comic, and according to that comic, Rarity's childhood was sad. Her parents didn't understand her, and she was a lonely filly who made dresses for her dolls. In the actual show, it seemed like her self esteem and self confidence were low. It could possible be due to her feeling like her parents didn't approve of her interests. I think the flashback of the cutie mark chronicals was when she finally accepted that it didn't matter what her parents thought. I think what was holding her back from getting her cutie mark was her doubts. (That's purely headcanon, though.)
  7. Rainbow Diamonds

    How should the mane 5 be used during season openings and finales?

    I doubt the Mane 5 will do anything at all in the season 6 opening. I think all of the Mane Six should do something important like in the pilot episode, but I doubt that's going to happen. In fact, they could get rid of the Mane 5. I don't think Lauren Faust wanted the entire show to be about Twilight Sparkle and her having friends just there, but Hasbro obviously wants that, and now that's what they get. While I want the mane 5 to play important roles in the openings and finales, that will never happen. The Mane Five shouldn't even be in openings and finales anymore. They're just there for no reason. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Season 6 finale and the openings and finales of the following seasons don't include the other mane five at all. Twilight is the main character, but she's not the ONLY one. Friendship is magic, not Twilight is magic, right?
  8. Rainbow Diamonds

    EqG is mlp G1 Through the Door

    They're not that similar in my opinion. Sure, there's a magical door created by a wizard and other similarities, but it's still very different. My Little Pony isn't even the only franchise to have magical doors to different worlds.
  9. Rainbow Diamonds

    General What WILL you be doing ten minutes IN THE FUTURE?!

    I am writing an awesome Rainbow Dash fan fiction. I never wrote her in first person, but I decided to do it for this one. In ten minutes, I will tell you where 'm at on the fan fiction. Edit: Rainbow Dash is having a dream where she's at the carnival.
  10. Rainbow Diamonds

    If you saw your favorite pony was sad...

    I hope not. Just keep an eye out, OK?
  11. Rainbow Diamonds

    If you saw your favorite pony was sad...

    Do you have the heart to watch her die because she ate too much meat when herbivores shouldn't eat meat at all? I wouldn't want her to die. Denying her food that she shouldn't eat is showing that you love her.
  12. Rainbow Diamonds

    If you saw your favorite pony was sad...

    As long as she's being responsible about it, it's fine. It's not like humans obey diet rules, either. We're not supposed to eat chocolate, but...
  13. Rainbow Diamonds

    If you saw your favorite pony was sad...

    Ponies love bacon. In fact, if you give a pony bacon, they will want more. IT doens't mean they should have them. Just make sure she isn't showing any health problems.
  14. Rainbow Diamonds

    If you saw your favorite pony was sad...

    Ponies are herbivores! They can't eat bacon!
  15. Rainbow Diamonds

    Okay, who's Starlight's hair stylist?!

    All unicorns are supposed to look the same, obviously. That's the real reason Twilight became an alicorn. Well, we know her hair stylist is Rarity, now.