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  1. I enjoy the inception in your name ^ ^

  2. Hi @@MDLineArt, you've been added to the Mentor list, and someone will be contacting you soon. Also, welcome to the forums! ^~^
  3. @@Xiflelin, @, @@PyroMotional-Pony, have all had mentors assigned. @@NyanLuna, Someone will be contacting you shortly!
  4. Hey all, sorry for the late replies! @@crispy fries, The best thing to start with is a simple Slice of Life style roleplay. That way you can get used to how to interact with others without having to worry too much about your individual actions. Just be sure to give other members plenty of ways to interact with your character. I'd also suggest you don't start making your own RP first. Rather join someone else's. On that note, let the Dungeon Master and other players know that you're new. People around this site tend to be pretty friendly, and are happy to help you out! @@SigmaBrony, Not al
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums Wordplay. I hope you have a great time here /)

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