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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. A disgruntled human teen somehow ends up in Equestria. But it didn't nd up as he read in the HiE fanfics! As Twilight Sparkle and Lyra Heartstrings discover him, will they discover each other, too? http://www.fimfiction.net/story/35787/Playing-the-Heart%27s-Strings Comments will be appreciated ;3 Thanks
  3. Why do we have to be hated because of Rule 34? Are we the only fandom that is not allowed to have it? Sorry, but I like good stories with this content There are some that definitely creep me out, but I've read many good ones This is offtopic,though I say, we keep on. This is one of the most awesome fandoms I've been part of, and I'd like it to stay that way
  4. Well, is fanart, not my fanart but it is nonetheless, if the moderators consider it should be, they'll do so. Two of my favorite things: FIM ponies and Death of the Endless. :3
  5. People throwing pony toys in the trash after declaring their gayness (of the pony toy, that is)
  6. Navigating by Twitter I just saw this little pic by amazing Jill Thompson, so though I'd share it here http://jillthompson.tumblr.com/post/26152973776/okay-children-of-the-80s-i-am-colliding-your She says it goes for 80's fans, but we all know the truth :3
  7. Well, I did probably fail in that line, indeed. I wouldn't have tossed it in the trash, mind.
  8. Friendship is magic has helped me open up my eyes and realize I've been living apathetically from everything. I'm still far away from what most would call a healthy, normal life, but I've seen that I'm so different than six months ago. It also helped me (re)gain a passion for writing, as beginning a fic for this fandom is what has sparked several projects and my goal of becoming a pro writer. That's about it, for the time being :3
  9. Because it was a person on the other side of the ocean who shared a photo through Facebook? I'm just curious about if this had been experienced by somepony
  10. In the beginning, I hold out my fanboyism for Fluttershy. I still do, and think she's the cutest, but I've come to like almost all the ponies very much. I never was in wars over it, though, I did like them too
  11. So I was just looking through Facebook, and this person posts a picture of the toy she received in McDonald's: A fluffy Fluttershy, and calls it a gay pony. I asked her jokingly if I could have it, and she told me she had already tossed it in the trash Now, most of us would've done that pre-FIM and still to the older gens, and you know it :3 Still, has something like this happened to you?
  12. I am not Rarity's biggest fan, but I'm irked when people hate on her and claim she doesn't live up to her element, because of a couple of things that have happened. I also think Rarity is Twilight's best couple (I'm writing a fic for it :3)
  13. Oh, thanks. Hope my next bit doesn't damage it. I also enjoy clop, though don't clop to it. In fact, is the only erotica I read right now. It has to have a plot (As clasically defined, mind :3) and can´t stand those that get too rough (extreme BDSM, certain fetishes and interspecies, thoug I'm reading some about Spike) Ok, think that's all
  14. I hate human in Equestria, with given exceptions. I HATE My Little Dashie. Poor excuse for cheap drama. Why does everypony love it? I love Fluttershy! Oh, wait, you said secrets, right?