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  1. Midnight Sparkle just has a sweeter design than Demon Sunset. That's all there is to it.
  2. Nobody likes Stygian. He was that one time thing that just... Didn't do much. It also solved too quickly.
  3. For me, Rainbow Dash. She's just not a character I like, she's just annoying and loud. Although I love her voice actor. In the begginning I didn't understand why people liked Fluttershy either, she was such a pain with her "shyness" and "CUUUUUUTE squeeking" OH MY GOD SOO CUUUUUTEE but to me she really wasn't. I got annoyed that her whole character was only "CUTE and SHY" and nothing else. Luckily, she's developed and I can actually stand the thought of her now. It's weird how these two are the most popular characters on the show and I just don't get why. The character I have started to dislike now is Twilight. She's not making any character development, she's just there. Not really being the Twilight I liked from the start anymore. Her character not as well written anymore.
  4. Rainbow Dash isn't cute. Don't even try. I'm trying something non-pony like. Puchiko is adorable, after all.
  5. Nope. Too expensive and bad for the environment. TPAM dislikes broccoli.
  6. Yep. True. TPAM likes watermelon.
  7. It is a thing. I'm some kind of demisexual/pansexual mix I guess. I could definitely date trans people and what not. Honestly I usually think trans people look better than normal cis people, in their former gender stereotypes.. Moving ooon.. XD But yeah! Maybe then you're demisexual like me. Ya never know, I guess. There are a lot of sexualities out there to explore. And I couldn't agree with you more. Personality is waaaaay more important.
  8. Personality. Of course a HOT AF person is a plus but I've never really fallen in love with anyone based on appearance. EVER. I am demisexual. Which means.. I can only be fully sexually attracted to people I know. I could never fall in love at first glance or w/e, I can't be sexually attracted to someone I don't know. That doesn't mean I'm sexually attracted to everyone I know because of this, just to make things clear. I only fall in love with ONE person and currently that one person has been my partner for over 6 years. I got to know her through internet and it had nothing to do with looks. Now we live together and have lived happily ever after and will do for a long long time to come. Appearence doesn't mean shit to me as long as the person is wonderful. My partner and all my friends that I love are beautiful to me. But most of all, if you fall in love with someone, they BECOME attractive to you no matter how you think they look at the very beginning. So, in conclusion... Personality matters most and everyone who says otherwise are shallow fucks.
  9. This is exactly what I was hoping for to see as I posted several Pear Butter photos. So here's another one. <3 Source
  10. What could be cuter than a Pear Butter ready to dance?
  11. I think it's rather relatable more than interesting...She's a good character with plenty of realistic emotions for an anxious person to be having. Gotta relate to it.
  12. I don't see anything wrong with reformations as it's too much evil in the world as it is. Nice to see something harmonic and good for a change. What's so wrong with having the kids see a brighter side of things? Giving them hope? Faith? Pixie dust? .. No bust really, we need shiny, bright things sometimes to stand the dark and evil mankind. It's good.