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  1. Inferno Dash

    3 more OCs

    Inferno Dash is best OC
  2. Inferno Dash

    Fluttershy Crying.

    Why- Why would you post this for us...? I LOVE IT!
  3. Inferno Dash

    She's Watching...

    I am definitely making this my wallpaper
  4. Inferno Dash

    Mach I

    This past week, I have been writing my first fanfic. I was doing it as a test for myself to see what I could accomplish. Although my writing isn't perfect, I am proud of it and encourage you to check it out. Many of my readers have loved it and I would like your opinions aswell. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/23268/Mach-I
  5. Discord is going to be in Season 3. Go to 8:20. Proof. Squee!
  6. I know this may sound a bit silly in retrospect when I see this tomorrow, but I had a sudden strange revelation/feeling in my gut about the whole brony phenomenon. What will become of bronies in years to come? How long will MLP last? Will there eventually be no bronies or all bronies? I just had a flow of questions gush through my mind dam. What are your opinions on these leaking questions? Don't hold back!
  7. Inferno Dash

    Hellos :D

    Welcome to the great and powerful MLPForums!
  8. I must know where you got a box set of MLP:FiM!
  9. Enjoy your stay here, and WATCH SEASON 3 WHEN IT COMES OUT! That wasn't a request btw...
  10. Awesome job! That is amazing!
  11. Welcome to the great and powerful MLPForums!
  12. I forgot to say Lyra played a big role in the episode too. Mmmmderp.
  13. I just watch the season 2 finale part 2 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?src_vid=RfFnBSJnaxw&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_717960&v=Q3xqKvOwoyk At 15:18 you can see Dr. Whooves running across the screen At 19:22 Rainbow Dash does a Sonic Rainboom At 19:44 Luna makes her second appearance At 20:01 Vinyl Scratch takes off her glasses! (Can't see color because of quality) I forgot to look for Derpy, so if anyone spotted her, tell us! And the episode is the best one ever...
  14. Inferno Dash

    Welcome the flames!

    I have made all of the skins of the characters for the "Mine Little Pony" Mod. Taking it too far maybe? I think not.
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