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    I ship fluttercord.
    Favourite Mane 6 characters in the order of Fav to least fav.
    1. Futtershy
    2. Rarity
    3. Applejack
    4. Pinkie Pie
    5. Rainbow Dash
    6. Twilight Sparkle
    (I do adore all of the mane 6 tho)

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Cadence was a teenager when she foalsat Twilight
  4. You can't really complain about the Ember x Spike age difference when rarity or any of the mane 6 are much older than Spike. The mane 6 are virtually adults, this is a definite. Also, the show hasn't confirmed the age of Ember, for all we she could be the right age for spike. She's still practically a 'daddy's girl' I would say she's quite young. Personally I'm glad they introduced Ember not really as Spike's love interest, but a dragon friend he can relate to (not just pony friends) Although I still feel Spike x Ember ships are far more tolerable than Spike x (pony) ships.
  5. My favourite mane 6 characters are in order: - Fluttershy - Rarity - Applejack - Pinkie Pie (The others I'm not all that fond of) My favourite non mane 6 characters are in order: - Luna - Apple Bloom - Maud Pie - Sweetie Belle - Fleur De lis But my favourite race is Unicorn, purely because if I was a pony I'd want to be a unicorn (magic is cool)
  6. I highly doubt it. She's not really sinister, just incredibly rude calling the CMC names even in front of Miss Cherilee. I never understood why an adult would call foals names for no reason??? Especially when they're the siblings of those who are friends with the Princesses.
  7. No, maybe Equestria isn't meant to be female dominated like it's depicted to be in the show, but an equal society. It could seem like there's only a lot of females evident in the show because pretty pony's = little girls buying toys. So producing female pony's will increase because they get more screen time, rather than males ponies.
  8. I would vote but my Current favorite mane sixis Fluttershy but instead there are two options for Pinkie
  9. I don't know about Rainbow dash's nightmare form. But Nightmare Rarity looks so cool
  10. darkshy

    Fleur de Lis Fan Club

    She is so pretty she looks like she could be a princess
  11. darkshy

    General What are You Afraid of?

    Snakes *shudders* When I was about 4/5 years old a snake got into my grandma's house, it was just vile. It's to the point whereby I can't even look at pictures of them, it just repulses me. Oh and failing my exams.
  12. That's an interesting theory. Perhaps that's why her family is virtually non existent in the show.
  13. I'm surprised at the amount of people on here that have mental illnesses.....
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