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  1. Care 2 watch something together? Got discord?

    Are you the sister of Star-Lord?

  2. Star Light

    Your own weird mlpf behaviour quirks

    I'm don't post status updates or replies maybe because I think they will annoy people or I'm afraid of saying something wrong.
  3. Star Light

    What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    It's going to be a very hot day well into 100°. It's been months with no rain and the dryness is typical for this climate.
  4. Star Light

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    Pizza usually destroys I rather go with burgers.
  5. A terrifying confrontation by gunman was the absolute most worst feeling that had ever shaken me. The possible end of my life was all I can feel. I was powerless, scared, trembling with fear with no sense of what will happen to me. I'm glad that the worst didn't happen and luckily still here. It's haunting and very disturbing when I recalled that very moment.
  6. Star Light

    Top 5 things that drivers do that you hate.

    I live in California so it's as worst as it can be here. Just about everything, especially when people drive in the rain due to our dry climate. It's like they never see rain before and absolutely must overreact to every drop.
  7. My most liked and favored artwork of Starlight.
  8. Star Light

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I'm easy to make friends and keep them close to me.
  9. Star Light

    Do you post pics of yourselves online?

    I never do because I don't want a picture of me to falling into the wrong hands. I don't even use any social media sites like what other people are doing nowadays because I want my privacy and keep my life to myself.
  10. Idk what to say...It feels like the same sort of stuff we seen before. All the fighting, jealousy, villain, denying, forgivness...nothing really much, tbh. What's with the serious amount of blushing with this one? C'mon Hasbro don't go this route just to be relevant now. Eqg don't need it.
  11. Star Light

    Say something totally random!

    something totally random!
  12. Star Light

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Pretty excited for a weekend gateway to the mountains. Going to test all of my photography gear up at the lake. Beautiful sunsets, starry nights, vast vistas and spending time with love ones.
  13. Star Light

    episode discussion S08:E13 - The Mean 6

    The last part when the Mean 6 shrivelling and turning into "raisins" before they were "killed" is a bit disturbing tbh...but the rest of the episode is really good because the real Mane 6 never really acknowledged them and they finally made-up and forgiven each other without further complicating the conflict. The resolution is good and leaves the speculation of Chrysalis's further plans for revenge.
  14. It's Starlight :wacko: .