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  1. Definitely something classic like the Datsun 240z... Or ...something modern like the exotic Lexus LFA with its screaming 9,000 rpm V10 engine.... ...But perhaps a touch of both classic design and modern technology like the timeless Acura NSX.
  2. Thanks for the follow. Nice Corvette! ^_^

  3. My sister and I made this MLP bowl together. I help her make the general shape and individually draw each character onto the bowl. She then colored, glazed and fired it at her school and this was the final result.:twi:

    She colored the inside in a deep rich blue to contrast the mlp logo.



    Starting the side with Starlight and Twilight.


    ... Slowly rotates around




    ...and finally ends with Rarity.


    We both were surprised in how great it turned out! ^_^

  4. General

    I've always have a generous liking for plants when I was young. While most other kids have toys, I insteaded to rather have an assortment of plants which I can take care of and grow. One plant at my windowsill, one in the bathroom, another in the living room. Pretty much everywhere to the point where I was literally living with my plants and it also got pretty messy too with the constant soil and watering cans. There was one time when I was trying to grow a banana tree indoors in a container. I took it to the bathroom and put it near the tub whenever each time I take a bath to mimic the tropical humidity typically associated to where it grows naturally. It wasn't long until my Mom had notice my strange-doings and eventually the tree outgrew me enough to prevent me from carrying it comfortably. Pretty weird... and actually, I'm still pretty much like that even today. Well..not as weird but I'm still learning and taking my consideration for my initial liking and care of plants.
  5. General

    I finally upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 but unfortunately my drawing tablet doesn't seem to like it.
  6. Lovely Pony "Princess Cadence".
  7. It's been raining and cold lately but the grass seems to like it, which is a good thing. It's like seeing tiny green hairs prop from the ground after many months of dry, scorching heat. The contrasting difference between it then and now makes me wonder how resilient and yet fragile it is.
  8. It's like that wacko face Twilight but instead with Minuette. *8001 brohoofs*
  9. Saw this thing the other day... ...makes for a funny laugh. Minuette sure looks different
  10. DSC07939.thumb.JPG.b7923a01f7ab9e4b7ae6c47560bb1cfd.JPG

    Such a beautiful sunset this evening here. 

    1. Max Headroom Incident Fries

      Max Headroom Incident Fries

      God's lovely miracles? >u> <3

    2. Star Mist

      Star Mist

      With a generous amount of rain from those clouds after many months of drought, it's all been a blessing here this evening. 

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Very good picture like always!;)

  11. Have a great Friday, everypony:D

    1. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Have a great Friday Star Mist!

  12. Mega Thread

    The silent and crisp night sky surrounded me in the most shivering way possible. My breath became visible under the faint glow of distance lights as I hurried along in the darkness. I feel the chill, cold and icey as I remembered for Winter has finally came.
  13. I just realized that my cover photo is a giant pixelated mess on the desktop site while on mobile it's okay. lol!:wacko:


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Star Mist

      Star Mist

      @Wacko Wolf

      Is it there now?

    3. WWolf


      I’m on mobile do I dunno :P . I see it on mobile :wacko: .

    4. Star Mist

      Star Mist

      It looks fine on mobile but in desktop it's zoomed in. Pretty weird.

      I'll probably find a new one.:twi:

  14. Mega Thread

    This is really funny pictures here.
  15. I have this silly high school crush once in my junior year. I never really told her how I felt and I got friend-zoned instead. Well at least we where friends but it didn't last until senior year when she eventually had a boyfriend.