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  1. MetalPony

    Original Song: Immortality (Melodic Hardcore)

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely take the high end frequencies into consideration the next time I mix my songs. Honestly, the high end is really pleasing to my ears so I don't mess with them much. As for the screaming, well, I was basing this off of bands like Being as an Ocean and Thrones, which, in my opinion, are great examples of Melodic Hardcore. They normally don't sing in any of their songs even though they mainly consist of soft parts like this song did. I felt as though singing would've killed the vibe I was trying to portray in this song too.
  2. It's been awhile but I finally uploaded an original, pony-themed song. This song has two purposes: 1) I have yet to see anyone in the pony fandom to write a Melodic Hardcore song and I wanted to change that and 2) I wanted to experiment with a genre that I've never written in before. I hope it came out good But enough rambling! Here's the song:
  3. MetalPony

    We Are Bronies (Metal Core Pony Vocal Cover)

    Thanks for the feedback. I've been screaming only for 3 or 4 years so it's definitely not gonna perfect. But I can assure you that there is power behind my screams but I guess the way I mixed this kinda made it sound like there wasn't. As for my singing, well, that's just my voice really. I'm really not doing anything to make it sound nasal. If I actually make it sound nasal it would just sound awful. It just sounds like that but I'm sure with more practice I could improve it.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm really new to forums so I'm not sure if covers can go here. Any help would be appreciated! I decided to go a vocal cover of Metal Core Pony's We Are Bronies. He was one of the few artists who truly inspired me to contribute music to fandom as well as become a fan of metalcore music. This vocal cover is pretty much a tribute. Enjoy!
  5. MetalPony

    Spectacle by Countess Coloratura (Metalcore Version)

    Hey man! I really enjoyed this cover. I made a metalcore version of this song too but I think yours is far heavier than I probably could make mine haha. I'm honestly glad I stumbled upon this. I checked out some of your other songs and they were all pretty great! Keep up the good work!